STELLAR Schools and The CRB Foundation bring you the STELLAR Heritage Web Fair, open to all K-12 students in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Increasing Canada's cultural knowledge and awareness is key to increasing our sense of pride and belonging to this country. The STELLAR Heritage E-fair offers a hands-on opportunity for students to use new computer technologies while learning more about Canada's heritage. Students are invited to submit an original web site dedicated to any topic related to our Newfoundland or Canadian Heritage.

  1. The web site must be based on a topic relevant to Canadian Heritage.
  2. Must meet STEM~Net's Acceptable Use Policy guidelines.

Students can use any means available to them to do their research: the library, the Internet, personal interviews. There is no limit on the length or the scope of the project. Students can work as individuals, as a group, or as a whole class. They can also include sound clips, video clips, original artwork, images... whatever they want. Creativity is the key! Sites created for GrassRoots Projects or as part of a STELLAR Schools Project are eligible to participate.

To participate, simply complete the following online form.

The STELLAR Heritage Web Fair winners havne been chosen. Check out their sites!

Entries must be received by STEM~Net by June 14, 1999.