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The STELLAR Schools Concept

STELLAR Schools is an exciting joint initiative of Cable Atlantic and STEM~Net that provides educators and students with a link to various information networks such as STEM~Net, SchoolNet and the Internet.

Cable Atlantic is committed to network rebuilds in all its serving areas. The network will be state-of-the-art design using hybrid fiber and coaxial cable.

STELLAR Schools in these areas will be connected to this network with a minimum of a shared 4 Mbps connections, which will enable new multimedia applications. This initiative, therefore, supports class-based projects with video, sound, graphics and text in a full multimedia networking environment.

The expansion of the program to include all other areas served by Cable Atlantic Internet nodes allows schools in these areas to participate in the program using SLIP lines.

STELLAR Partner Commitment

The partners in the STELLAR Schools initiative include Cable Atlantic, STEM~Net and the schools and schools districts which participate in the program.

Cable Atlantic will provide network services to selected schools in its serving area and, for a period of four years, will not charge STEM~Net or the schools for the schools' connections.

The schools will be required to pay a one-time connection fee, to pay for the hardware and software needed to connect to the Cable Atlantic network, to provide for system management and also, to present annual program development proposals for their use of the networking capabilities.

STEM~Net will provide senior system guidance to the schools and will provide training for STELLAR Schools system managers and coordination of STELLAR Schools class projects. STEM~Net will also provide assistance with the development of projects where needed.

School districts are responsible for the development and operation of the STELLAR Schools District Advisory Council and for the general management of the program for schools in their jurisdiction.


The STELLAR Schools Roll-Out Plan

The STELLAR Schools program is available to all schools in Newfoundland and Labrador who are within local dial of a Cable Atlantic Internet node. As the Cable Atlantic network is built, schools in areas that it services will be invited to join the STELLAR Schools project through a broadband connection. In other areas, schools are able to participate in the program through a dedicated SLIP line. Over a period of approximately three years, high-speed access for STELLAR Schools will expand to include the Cable Atlantic areas around St. John's and those in Gander, Corner Brook, and Grand Falls/Windsor.


STELLAR Schools Projects

STELLAR Schools are required to participate in at least three curriculum-related projects in each of the four years that they participate in the program. These projects ensure that students are given the opportunity to make maximum use of the connection that is being provided to the school. Projects also ensure the development of resources and ideas that incorporate full multimedia networking into the curriculum.


The STELLAR Schools Advisory Board

The STELLAR Schools Provincial Advisory Board and District Advisory Councils exist to provide advice to STEM~Net, Cable Atlantic and participating schools on matters of policy related to network links of schools to each other and to STEM~Net through the STELLAR Schools program.

Each council includes representatives from: school district senior staff, teachers from the primary, elementary, junior and senior high school levels, parents and student. The chair of each district council sits on the STELLAR Schools Provincial Advisory Board. The Department of Education, Memorial University Faculty of Education, Cable Atlantic, and STEM~Net also have representatives on the Provincial Advisory Board.

The 10 STELLAR Schools District Advisory Councils are responsible for the approval and evaluation of all participation in the STELLAR Schools initiative. Activities of these councils are coordinated through the Provincial Advisory Board.


  For further information, go to:

Cable Atlantic:
Jeff Howard,
Manager, Service Development
e-mail: jhoward@cableatlantic.nf.ca
Phone: 753-7583 ext:271
Fax: 722-8384

Nancy Parsons Heath,
e-mail: nancy@stemnet.nf.ca
Phone: 737-8836 Fax: 737-2179

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