Project 3 -- Develop Canadian War Monuments Web Site

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Since many of the World War I and II monuments in Canada are rapidly falling into a state of disrepair, it is proposed that school students across Canada undertake the construction of a web site to record various types of information about these monuments and make it available to all other students and to the general public through the World Wide Web. This site would include photographs of the monuments, the history of each monument including the date of construction, the artistic aspects of the monuments itself, an outline of the people involved in having the monument placed in the community, a brief description of the community itself and of the people from that community who served in the wars, and any other history, stories or data related to the particular monument. Where possible, due to high-speed, wide-band Internet connections, videos of Remembrance Day Ceremonies and other events could be added to the web site.

It is proposed that this project could be most effectively carried out by utilizing one well-equipped and connected school as the central coordinating site and web development location, with assistance from one school in each province and territory as information collection points. Each of these information collection schools would not require any special hardware, such as scanners or video capability, as this could be handled at the coordination school. Schools would collect the pictures from around the province and could then forward them to the central location either as hard copy or electronic images, depending on their capabilities. The text parts of the data would be sent to the central school as text files by E-mail, once they had been typed and edited at each feeder site.

As a result of the Stellar Schools Initiative, Vaters Collegiate has been accepted as the school to be responsible for the actual construction of the web site. This school, therefore, would require a lab of multimedia-capable machines with Internet connections, a scanner and the potential to add the video to the site. We will have high-speed link shortly that will allow transmission of video. Also, Vaters has the necessary hardware to complete this project. A number of our staff are very familiar with Web page construction and are eager to get involved in such a project. The other 12 schools could then be obtained through a national online selection process of advertising on the SchoolNet news groups for interested parties. At least one of these schools will produce materials in French, and translation into both official languages will be done for all information that is put online. The translations will be done by a staff person in the STEM~Net office. In addition to the schools involved, this project will also request assistance from the Canadian Legion in the form of advisors for the project for the work being done in both official languages. This will ensure the quality and accuracy of the materials produced.

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