Project 2 -- Student Database of I.T.P.'s.

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In this project, students will develop an I.T.P. (Individual Training Plan) for their co-op education placement. This database will link to a student profile of the student who created the I.T.P. and, where appropriate, a short video of the job placement. It will also link to the school co-op page, STEM~Net, and Vaters home page. This can be made available through the STEM~Net server or through Vater's WWW server.


1. A database of job placements will be created that will enable others to make better selections with regard to co-op placements and future careers.
2. Students will learn to present information in an attractive format through the use of the WWW.


1. Computers and related software. Provided by Vaters Collegiate.
2. Additional Video equipment and software. Provided by Vaters Collegiate:

A. Video Blaster
B. Art Graphics
C. Hypertext Editor
D. Video Tapes.

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