Project 2 - Christmas Around the World

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s):
Daryl Rideout
Scott Baggs
School: Upper Gullies Elementary School
P.O. Box 70
Upper Gullies, NF
A0A 4C0
(709) 744-3141
fax:(709) 744-2283
Grade Level: Grade Four
Number of Students: 48 (estimated)
Project Start and Finish Dates:
December 1998
January 1999
Project's URL:

  Project Overview

Students will be searching for and inviting countries around the world to write about their Christmas traditions and/or customs. Responses from other countries will be written by students.
In addition to the Chirstmas traditions, other information will be sought:

  1. Climate conditions in their countries, temperature, rainfall and snowfall
  2. Location: Longitude and Latitude
  3. General information about the countries involved: language, currency, resources, exports, imports
This project will allow students to get other international students' ideas and views about where they live.

  Curriculum Connections

Main Curriculum Areas Relating to the Project:
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Math
Department of Education Learning Outcomes
Project Links
Differences in countries diversity because of climate location. Would be able to receive information from local sources.
Graphing - Temperature, Rainfall, Snowfall.Would be able to receive regional information from local sources.
Writing reports - Comparing differences and penpal exchangesWould be able to share information among students of the same age and background.

Technology Education Learning Outcomes
Project Links
Collaborate with distant students and teachers on control projects and problemsCompare common and different problems among the participants.
Demonstrate a knowledge of the nature and characteristics of a variety of media communication systems.Compare the effectiveness of various forms of communication in gathering and sharing information.
Develop a vocabulary of terminology and language related to selected communications technologies.To be aware of and use the terminology used in Internet communications.
To work effectively in several communications mediaUse of print, pictures, charts, etc

  Resource Connections

The connection would provide for immediate, accurate and up-to-date sharing of information between us and the country being studied.
Various world maps, reference books, CD-ROM technology, and other resources related to the region would supplement the connection.


Expected Date
Outcome or Milestone
Date Achieved
November '98Begin setting up contacts around the worldDecember '98
December '98Begin Student links to people and web-sites around the world.January '98
Throughout the yearContact maintained with student penpals and new links searched to supplement the Grade 4 Social Studies curriculum.June '98

Part of the project would involve sharing web pages, students writing to individual students in an e-mail forum, sharing local news, weather, etc.
Students will correspond with questions and answers based upon what they have read. Also at the end of each region, evaluation would include a summary of things learned through the connection with each country.

  Project Summary

Summaries will be added as they become available.

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