Project 2- Canadian Heritage Interactive Journey

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Lorne Penney, Principal
School: Ralph Harnum Memorial
P.O. Box 58
Hawkes Bay, Nfld
A0K 3B0
Tel. 248-5197
Grade Level: Grade 5 and 6
Number of Students: 25
Project Start and Finish Dates:
October 1998 to June 1999
Project's URL:

  Project Overview

We have registered with the Canadian Heritage Interactive Journey Project to participate in its virtual cross-Canada bike trip. This is a unique project that allows students and teachers to become involved in learning about Canadian heritage, culture and unity. Student activities and teacher lesson plans will be posted on the CHIJ web site.

As groups of cyclists cross Canada in the Spring of 1999, they will be providing project schools with feedback via the Internet about Canada and its cultural diversity. Project schools will be providing information, pictures, and a little flavor of what their area provides to the Canadian cultural identity.

This is how I described our project on our School home page:
Next spring five cycling teams will set off on a journey of discovery, investigating Canada's culture, history, languages and lifestyles. Called the Canadian Heritage Interactive Journey (CHIJ) this Internet adventure is a grassroots effort to stimulate a dialogue of understanding and to promote Canadian heritage, culture and unity. This program is sponsored by Industry Canada's SchoolNet and CCT Software Plus.

By taking part in CHIJ students will gain basic Information and Communications Technology skills. Ralph Harnum Memorial Elementary School in Hawkes Bay has registered for the program at a cost of $150.00. We will be reimbursed for this amount from SchoolNet's Jr. Grassroots program. On the CHIJ Internet site curriculum related lesson plans will be posted regularly. Students will also have the opportunity to exchange information about their community and area of Canada.

As the journey starts in April of 1999, students from thousands of schools will track the team's movements via the CHIJ web site. Through the Internet schools will go on a virtual tour of our country, visiting popular and remote destinations and discovering hidden secrets about our collective history. Students will also develop and share their own vision of Canada, preparing profiles of their own communities.

At each destination host schools will welcome the cycling team into their community. Students will act as host, not only for the team, but for all classrooms across the nation through the CHIJ web site. The CHIJ will not only enhance student learning through development and knowledge acquisition, it will also foster excitement in the on-line learning process. It allows a class, or community, to become part of the actual fabric with which we, as a country, weave a national cloth.

Ralph Harnum Memorial is excited to be a part of this unique learning opportunity! Any school interested in joining in this experience can visit the CHIJ web site at www.cct- where you will find a direct link to the Canadian Heritage Interactive Journey Web Site.

  Curriculum Connections

  Resource Connections


I feel that this project is an exciting one and can provide a great opportunity for students to become excited about the Internet. It gives them a reason to get on the Internet. Not just to browse but to go to the CHIJ site to see what interesting activities are posted. It also gives them an opportunity to share knowledge and information about their own area of Canada.

  Project Summary

Summaries will be added as they become available.

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