Project 1 - Cross-Culture Connections

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s):
Barbara Clancy
Gr. 7 Language Arts
and Social Studies Teachers
School: St. Peter's Elementary
Munden Drive
Mount Pearl,NF
Grade Level: Grade 7 and 8
Number of Students: 70-80
Project Start and Finish Dates:
June 1998 (possibly on-going)
Project's URL:

  Project Overview

The purpose of Cross-Culture Connections is to acquaint students with the customs, traditions, and general culture of other countries, particularly those of Japan and Mexico. Students will research and access information from the Internet and other other computer programs about the focus culture. Students, individually and in groups, will gather information about their own culture for exchange with a partner school in the focus country. Students will exchange information through e-mail connections and the class homepage.
  • to help students become aware of the culture, customs, and traditions of other c countries, particularly Japan and Mexico
  • to help students develop an understanding and tolerance of cultures other than their own
  • to create a classroom environment in which the use of technology plays a major role
  • to communicate with students in other countries via e-mail and the Internet
  • to improve students' skills in group discussion, brainstorming, problem solving, peer tutoring, and written and verbal communication
  • students will gain valuable knowledge of the culture and of other countries
  • students will develop and maintain a class home page
  • students will improve their keyboarding skills and their knowledge of the practical use of computer programs
  • students will learn the skill of developing a homepage with the assistance of their peers
  • students will improve their writing, editing, and proofreading skills

  Curriculum Connections

  Resource Connections

  • class discussion groups will formulate ideas for the development of our home page
  • groups will gather information about each other, the school, the community, and the province for inclusion in our home page
  • discussion groups will develop e-mail messages aimed at learning about the culture, customs, and traditions of students in other countries
  • students will use the Internet, CD Rom, other computer information programs (ex. Maps and Facts), as well as print resources to access pertinent information about other cultures


  • Student has contributed information about him/herself for inclusion in our home page
  • Student has key boarded above information into the computer.
  • Student has edited above information and corrected mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Student has demonstrated competency in keyboarding skills by typing an assigned passage in an allotted amount of time.
  • Student has spent e-mail messages to his/her assigned e-mail pal in another country.
  • Student has demonstrated the ability to use the Internet to find information on an assigned project.
  • Student will demonstrate the knowledge gained about another country by completing a project on that country using assigned topics.

  Project Summary

Summaries will be added as they become available.

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