Project 3 - Home Page Design

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Harry O'Reilly
School: St. Paul's Intermediate School
Gander, NF
Grade Level: Grade 7
Number of Students: 28 students in one grade 7 class
Project Start and Finish Dates: October, 1998
June, 1999.
Project's URL:

  Project Overview

This project is related to many subject areas. Students are being introduced to the whole concept of web page design to be used as a tool for presenting curriculum projects in subjects like Social Studies, Science and Language Arts. Students will be learning the art of home page design using Composer in Netscape as the HTML Editor. This editor was chosen because it is available to all students in the technology lab by virtue of Netscape being on these machines.

Also, its "What You See Is What You Get" characteristic makes it a user-friendly medium to teach from. Students will be taught all the functions of home page making - file management, graphic manipulation, page design, links, backgrounds, text control, and html storage. A package will be design to teach Composer to the students in a manner which is easy for them to understand. This will be done in a HTML format using Composer itself. The program (called "Home Page Maker") will also be put on disk and made available to students to take home and put on their own computers. Then, they will be able to practice and improve their skills there.

After they learn the skills of home page making they will be given assignments in Social Studies, Language and Science that will be totally computerized. They will be expected to take topics from these subjects and do it up in home page format. Certain parameters would have to be met by the projects they pass in - a certain number of home pages, links to Word Perfect documents, links to Internet sites, and graphics(static & animated).

Through the use of a viewer they will present their project to their class and use their home page assignment as a medium to do the class presentation. Afterwards, students can put their projects up on the St. Paul's home page for other students, teachers and parents to see. This will make the program accessible to many people outside their own class.

  Curriculum Connections

The aspects of this project are very related to the curricula in schools. The students will actually be doing home page construction as it relates to the new Communications module part of the grade seven Technology Education course.

  • They will be expected to research and write projects from their grade level. For example, projects on immigration in Social Studies or living things in Science can be given to the students. They will use the html technology to teach from. They can do this directly from the machines's hard drive and link to the Internet in a lab which has a permanent connection.
  • In Language Arts the possibilities are unlimited. Students can make newsletters or do writing assignments and at the same time be making practical use of the Internet and Computer technology around them.
  • This project can be utilized in any grade seven curriculum....or any grade's curriculum for that matter.
The learning outcomes can be tremendous.
Here are a few:
  • Students will actually do research in all mediums including the Internet.
  • They will be using computer technology directly in their school curriculum.
  • They will have the opportunity to use their work either in their classroom or out on the Internet.
  • They will develop skills in making presentations and using the technology as an aid in their presentations.
  • They will have an opportunity to work in groups to achieve their goals.
  • They will become actively involved with their own school's home page and use it as a vehicle for presenting their academic work.

  Resource Connections

This project relies very significantly on the STELLAR Schools Internet connection. Students will need the connection for research and to link their own work to outside resources. They will learn to effectively use the medium and be able to communicate their new learning to others throughout the province.


This particular project lends itself nicely to evaluation procedures. The quality of the students' work can be graded as any other assignment is. The pages are actual curriculum assignments that teachers are used to evaluating all the time.
The added component of presentation in front of a group is another area open to evaluation ... as it reflects the students' abilities to publically speak and show their grasp of the particular topic.
Students can also be evaluated on their abilities to collaborate with other students in the design and presentation of their assignments. As this project goes online, it is also open to evaluation by board personnel, teachers and other adults in cyberspace.

  Project Summary

Summaries will be added as they become available.

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