Project 1 - Project - Home/School Communications

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Harry O'Reilly
School: St. Paul's Intermediate School
Gander, NF
Grade Level: Grade 7
Number of Students: 28 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: September, 1998
June, 1999
Project's URL:

  Project Overview

This project is designed to involve parents and students in school and class activities and to make the Internet an interactive environment between these people and the teacher. Twice a month a class site is posted. The web site URL is advertised on all communications home to make sure that people will stay aware of its location.

The website will contain:

  • Links to sites relevant to the time of year (ex. School Opening, Halloween, Remembrance day, Christmas)
  • Assignments in Word perfect format
  • Class and school news
  • Examples of students' work
  • Greeting cards designed for them to contact other students
  • E-Mail address to contact the teacher
  • Links to Internet Pages related to Research needed for Class Assignments
  • Pictures of Major Class activities
  • Files for Downloading (For use in class projects)
  • Notices for Tests, Quizzes & Assignments
  • Parent Newsletters
As more and more students and parents come to rely on the web site, the possibilities increase tremendously. It can be expanded to include other classes, school organizations, student writings, and much more.

Once it is made accessible to students they can be encouraged to use the medium and design their own pages to be linked from the bi-monthly pages.

  Curriculum Connections

This project is directly related to curriculum ... both co-curricular and extra- curricular. Students, parents and teachers will be able to use a medium which integrates curriculum, homework, research, school news and technology information.

Students and parents will be able to use this medium as a ‘bulletin board' of upcoming assignments, tests, and other curriculum related information.

The home page can also be used to put out challenges and/or extra work related to the present curriculum.

It can offer opportunity for parents to respond to the curriculum of their children.

This project offers a unique environment for getting parents and students interested in technology in general and the Internet in particular.

Most importantly, it makes school a little more accessible and meaningful.

All aspects of the curriculum can be affected by this project. Assignments, tests, challenges, newsletters, and student work can be highlighted.

As the students become more adept at Internet use, they will also become actively involved with this project and the class curriculum.

  Resource Connections

To be able to have this project, a STELLAR School Internet connection is essential. Students will be able to access the home page at school and the teacher can use it as an effective teaching tool during technology classes.. Also, the students can become involved with researching home pages and using the technology themselves. This connection will afford students the opportunity to bring home and school a little closer together.


The success of this project can be evaluated with direct questions to parents and students about its usefulness.

As all parties become more involved with the process, the interactions can lead to suggestions and constructive comments about how to use the medium. Also, this can cause it to grow in avenues not even anticipated at the project's inception.

Since the whole project is out there for public scrutiny, other teachers or interested individuals can be asked to evaluate the home pages and offer new suggestions or directions.

The students can also become a part of the whole evaluation process.

As other schools become aware of the project, they can also offer their evaluation as to the worthiness of such a venture.

  Project Summary

Summaries will be added as they become available.

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