Project 2 - School Newspaper Network

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s):
Mr. M. Edmunds
School: St. Patrick's
Grade Level: 4 - 6
Number of Students: 117
Project Start and Finish Dates: September/98
Project's URL:

  Project Overview

This project was developed by two teachers at our school during the 1996/97 school year. The major focus of the project was to help students take ownership for reporting and informing about all the activities/functions that occur on a regular basis within their school. The project had initially evolved within the focus of the School Improvement Program with a major intent to further develop our School Spirit Project. Now that the group of 12 students have published two editions of the school newspaper the next step is to share these editions with other schools throughout the province. Initially the project will be kept within the confines of the elementary schools under the jurisdiction of the Avalon East School District. Stage 2 will see other similar schools across the province becoming part of the network. Involvement in the Global Schools Newspaper will help students recognize the contribution they make to their school life and to the school life of other students in other communities across the province.

  Curriculum Connections

Language Arts:
One of the major objectives of the elementary Language Arts Program is to use computer technology in the writing process. This project will greatly support this objective as multiple opportunities will be provided for this purpose. Secondly, at this level students are encouraged to write for specific purposes and audiences. By writing for the Newspaper about their personal and school experiences, this project will give the students a deeper purpose for their writing.

Social Studies:
A major objective of the Social Studies Program is to gain an appreciation of other cultures and their distinct ways of living whether it be in the past or in the present. This project gives students a glimpse of the school life of their fellow peers across the province while developing an appreciation of what they all share in common. Secondly, a major objective of the Social Studies Program is to help students locate selected communities across the province. Participation in this project will give this objective further meaning and purpose.
Computer Technology:
This project will afford students multiple opportunities to be involved in active learning that is meaningful and purposeful. They will be provided with comprehensive opportunities to read, write, and communicate with and about technology. Through the use of the Internet endless opportunities will be opened up.

  1. Students will learn how cultures are expressed locally.
  2. Students will recognize the importance of their contribution to the community.
  3. Students will locate selected communities across their province.
  4. Students will use different types of writing to develop their ideas and compare these ideas with others.
  5. Students will choose appropriate language to enhance their writing skills.
  6. Students will select from a variety of methods to write, review, and edit their work.
  7. Students will use technology to improve their writing skills.
  8. Students will explore and identify information and communication tools in daily use at school.
  9. Students will use communication technologies to build new knowledge from existing information.
  10. Students will collaborate with distant students and teachers on various projects.

  Resource Connections

Students participating in this project are distributed evenly among the classrooms of our school. Neither classroom has access to the Internet as presently there is only one access in the Staff Room of the School. Access to the Internet would greatly enhance this project. The school will provide the modem and pay for the connection fee.


The elementary grade structure of our school can be a great starting point for developing this Global Newspaper Concept. At this level students are developing a deeper purpose for the meaning of writing and this project can motivate and encourage them to build on this. The project can be evaluated in respect to the following outcomes:

  • Our students will have linked up with other Newfoundland students using online communication to share their interests and work.
  • Our students will have further developed their written and communication skills.
  • Our students will have explored other avenues to communicate with each other.
  • Our students will have developed a deeper appreciation of various lifestyles found in other communities across their province.

  Project Summary

Summaries will be added as they become available.

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