Project 1 - St. Patrick's Global Network

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s):
Mr. M. Edmunds
School: St. Patrick's
Grade Level: 4 - 6
Number of Students: 117
Project Start and Finish Dates: September/98
Project's URL:

  Project Overview

The St. Patrick Global Network of Schools is a project that has already started in St. Patrick School, Swift Current, Saskatchewan under the direction of Delmar Wagner, Principal.
St. Patrick's School, Bay Bulls has been invited as one of the schools to participate in this project. We have already made contact through the medium of mail and fax machines but contact through the Internet is needed in order for participation to be more meaningful and beneficial. Involvement in this project not only exposes our students to the Internet but will help them form lasting relationships across the continents while developing a deep appreciation of the lifestyles and cultures found there.

  Curriculum Connections

Language Arts:
A major objective of the elementary Language Arts Program is to foster within students a desire and interest in writing. This project exposes students to a variety of instances where they will communicate through writing. Secondly, because of the formation of lasting friendships, the students will be further motivated to write.
Social Studies:
A major objective of the Social Studies Program is to provide the students with a broader base of world communities and cultures. By focusing in on people and lifestyles from other cultures, the students will grow in knowledge and understanding by being in constant contact with students from other countries.
These outcomes are not limited to the following but those most applicable are:
  1. to identify ways in which information and communication technologies are used
  2. to use communication technology to build new knowledge from existing information
  3. to understand the nature of online communication and its limitations
  4. to identify advantages and disadvantages of select communication technologies
  • Students will learn an appreciation for various lifestyles, cultures, and countries.
  • Students will make everlasting friendships with persons all over the world by being exposed to a database of various St. Patrick Schools.
  • Students will understand the relationship that exists between people of various cultures.
  • Students will be exposed to the world of the Internet opening up sources of information.
  • Students will learn to carry out research which leads to other unprecedented learning opportunities.
  • Students will participate in a host of writing activities which will help develop their writing and word processing skills.

  Resource Connections

At the present time we receive periodic correspondence from St. Patrick School, Swift Current. In order to respond effectively and to become an active participant in this project access to the Internet is necessary. Secondly, a school of this enrollment does not have the financial resources to secure the services of the Internet without jeopardizing other areas of the curriculum.


In addition to the Intended Learning Outcomes presented earlier in this proposal, we feel that this project can serve as a great climax to the activities undertaken as part of this year's School Improvement Program. We have already made contact with other St. Patrick Schools who have helped us develop our new crest and motto. This was a major focus of this year's School Improvement Program labelled under the heading Building School Spirit. Because these schools have helped us in this endeavour it would be most fitting to continue this relationship by corresponding about other school related matters. A more formal part of this evaluation would see students involved in the following: develop web pages for their project using Netscape and Procom Plus; use e-mail to provide online reports; contact other students across the world for purposes of sharing information.

  Project Summary

Summaries will be added as they become available.

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