Project 1: Online Research Centre

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Sylvia McGrath - Teacher/Librarian

Joan Howard - Lang. 2101 Teacher

All other Laval teachers employing the resource centre per year for class research projects (appx. 15 other staff).

School: Laval High School
Placentia, NF
A0B 2Y0
Tel: (709) 227-2041
Number of Students: About 110 annually for Language 2101 (intensive use) plus 370 total enrolment for general use across the curriculum.
Grade Level: Primarily Level II for Language 2101 (five classes annually), plus all levels from Grade 9 to Level III for all other research.
Project Start and Finish Dates: Annually, Sept. 6 to June 10 appx. This is intended as an on-going service.

  Project Overview

The project will enable Internet connections to five existing library computers to enable students and teachers in research classes to individually access the Internet for respective class topics. Users may create electronic files, bookmarks, or print copies for individual use and vertical file creation. Besides assistance from the teacher-librarian and other lead teachers, each class will have trained assistants to aid other class members with research.

  Curriculum Connections

Primarily Language 2101 (Research Paper), but also to be utilized by all other research classes from all curriculum areas using the library for research. These involve curriculum areas in science, religions, literature, languages, social studies, guidance, family studies.

Students and staff will be enabled to see and utilize the Internet as offering a multitude of research sources. material from the Internet will generally be used for primary source material, background reading, etc. in the preparation of the students individual research reports. Guidance will also be given by lead teachers in the evaluation of source authority and reliability. Students will be expected to become familiar with using the Internet as an information resource for curricular and general purpose use. This is in accordance with resource based learning goals for the general curriculum, and in particular for the Research Paper course: Language 2101.

Technology Education goals are also being reinforced by the additional practical experience which students gain in applying the Internet technology in individual curriculum areas outside of computer courses.

  Resource Connections

The Laval resource centre has at present only one Internet connection for which heavy use and demand verifies the practicality of the above goals for Internet research. The STELLAR School projects will enable the application of this project across many more curriculum areas and for additional classes and individuals.


Teachers will grade and evaluate student projects in the following areas:

  1. independently logging on the Internet
  2. using web browsers to search for information
  3. downloading and collating files in organized and relevant fashion
  4. selection, utilization and citation of authoritative sources
  5. selection of current information to supplement older library print sources, e.g. current affairs
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