Project 3 - MATH DOCTOR

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Don Squibb
Catherine Bartlett
BOX 910
(709) 695-3551
Grade Level: SENIOR HIGH
Number of Students: The goal is to include all math students
Project Start and Finish Dates: October, 1998
April, 1999
Project's URL:

  Project Overview

To create a homepage for the mathematics department of St. James' Regional High School that will become a source of reference, challenge, and information for students and teachers who have Internet access.


  • to provide a PROBLEM OF THE WEEK that will challenge students' math skills. The degree of student success will be conditional to the student's academic level. Thus, the problem will be applicable to all students - from the general to the honours level.
  • to provide an e-mail address through which students can seek tutorial help from the MATH DOCTOR. The Math Doctor will be the students of St. James' Regional High School.
  • When problems are submitted, the administrators of the home page (students & staff of St. James') will assess the solutions and post the "best" solution to the student who requested the help.
  • to provide an avenue through which MATH COMPETITIONS will be arranged between consenting schools, students, and teachers. At a specified time, groups of students will logon to our site, download competition questions, and work the solutions and submit the answers under the guidance of their teachers. Results will then be determined and posted on the homepage by the students.


  • to become a reference source through which mathematical links will be incorporated into the homepage.
  • to use e-mail as a vehicle through which an exchange of ideas and material among teachers will be arranged.
  • to provide a forum through which in-service material will be distributed to teachers for review and analysis.
  •   Curriculum Connections


    Students of all academic levels will be challenged to solve mathematical problems applicable to their skill levels. It is hoped a sense of competition will spur interest between students and schools.

    Technology Education

    • To develop in students and teachers an understanding of online communication (e-mail).
    • To introduce both students and teachers to the technical construction and maintenance of a school home page.
    • To familiarize students and teachers to Internet terminology.

      Resource Connections

    none stated


    The homepage will provide a meeting place for teachers and students of Newfoundland and Labrador and elsewhere.

    After the homepage is up and running, it will be maintained by selected students under the guidance of a teacher. The material received and sent will relate to mathematics at all levels of the senior high school mathematics curriculum.

    By having the students directly involved in the creation and solution of the challenge problems, student achievement will be enhanced.

    By on-going monitoring, additions and deletions will be made based on demand.

      Project Summary

    Summaries will be added as they become available.

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