Project 1: Project Online

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Ron Fagan

Wendy King

Nath Crane

Eric Stevens

School: Holy Redeemer Elementary
Spaniard's Bay, NF.
P.O. Box 905
A0A 3X0
Tel. 709-286-9056/9057
Grade Level: Grades 9 (May include K-9 as project is further developed)
Project Start and Finish Dates: Continuous all year round.
Project's URL:

  Project Overview

This project will see students in Grade 9 use the Internet as a resource for information to enhance their resource based curriculum projects and publish online, completed assignments. Students will be required to publish their completed projects which may contain links to various resources. This project will also see Holy Redeemer's "Wall of Remembrance" put on our school web site. These projects will link to the schools project page, STEM~Net, and Redeemer's Home Page. This can be made available through STEM~Net's server.

  Curriculum Connections

This project has numerous curriculum connections in that the Internet will be used as both a medium and a tool for research and publishing of student curriculum resource based projects. The below list shows only some of the technology skills to be developed:

  1. Word Processing Skills - file management, saving, retrieving, typing, copy, paste and other various keyboarding skills.
  2. Creating Web Pages - text, graphics, HTML editing, scanning, linking resources.
  3. Using various Internet Software )Browsers, search engines, email, ftp).
  4. Use paint programs to create and edit graphics.
  5. Enjoy and appreciate using computers.
  6. Show respect, care, and ethical use for electronic files.

  Resource Connections

We are currently using an Internet connection that has provided our students access to a wealth of information made available through the Internet. The research done by students for resource based projects will be available online from our school web site. Besides students using information obtained from the Internet to enhance their learning experience, they will also undertake in its further development by making available to other links to resources both discovered and created.


  1. Each student will have a personal web page.
  2. Each page will contain at least one completed curriculum project and one link to a related resource.
  3. Completion of "Wall of Remembrance" at our site.
  4. Completed projects will have many ties to various curriculum subject matter such as Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Computer Technology curriculum.
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