Project 2- Natural Resources of Newfoundland and Labrador

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Judy Kennedy
Grade Level: Grade 5 students
Number of Students: 45
Project Start and Finish Dates: Started November 1997 continue until June 1999
Project's URL:

  Project Overview

This project will include two classes of Grade 5 students. The Grade 5 Social Studies program includes an extensive look at natural resources found in Newfoundland and Labrador. Students will use a variety of sources to glean information relating to this project. Students will use the map of Nf and Lab. To indicate the various locations where the resources are found. Students will check out homepages of communities throughout the province and learn which resources are found in different communities.

  Curriculum Connections

Social Studies: The Grade 5 Social Studies textbook has two units on Natural Resources. One is called Resources of the Land and the other is Resources of the Sea.

Map Skills: Students will become familiar with the map of Newfoundland and Labrador. This will include bodies of water which are often necessary in mining and refining minerals.

Computer Technology: E - mail and www sites will be used to obtain information necessary to complete this project.

Language Arts: Research Skills, reading and rewording information, transferrring what is read to writing, reading and finding the main idea, cooperative learning.

All these objectives are listed in the Programme of Studies which is distributed to teachers in September of each school year by the Department of Education. This research project is a means by which these objectives nay be taught. It is a meaningful and motivational way to teach and it is felt that students will learn and retain more information through interesting activities such as this.

  Resource Connections

The stellar school internet connection has made available for our students a new and exciting means of locating information. There are interesting sites to visit and students can access information on any topic they are interested in. The benefits of the Stellar School internet access are many. It is especially helpful for reluctant readers who will read when presented with material that is of interest to them. It is also beneficial for students who would benefit from an enrichment program. The Department of Education allows schools to add or delete objectives in a student's Program of Studies providing enough documentation is provided to prove that he/she would benefit from this procedure. The Stellar School internet access has allowed us the means to provide an enriching, suitable and motivational program for students with special needs. These students are part of this project and they can complete many of the objectives of the project which is a tremendous asset since it is often so difficult to find whole class projects such as this which they can be a part of.


Learning outcomes:

  1. Students will learn the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources.
  2. Students will become familiar with the map of Newfoundland and Labrador.
  3. Students will learn the natural Resources of newfoundland and labrador.
  4. Students will become familiar with the careers created through spin off jobs from our natural resources.
  5. Students will improve their research and writing skills.
Student performance during this project will be evaluated mainly through teacher observation of the interest each child shows in working on the project. Teachers will take anecdotal records while observing how much work each person contributes towards the project. Teachers will check each goal informally to determine whether or not they have been met.

An important objective of this project is to help students learn to work coopratively in groups and to show clarity and confidence in the presentation of their work to other groups of students.

Time will be allotted to teach research skills to the students involved in this project. They must learn to read and interpret material from the internet and from other sources such as CD Rom and reference books. How well they learn to do this will be part of their evaluation.

  Project Summary

Summaries will be added as they become available.

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