Project 1 - Enviro Search

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): William Carter
School: Grandy's River Collegiate
P.O. Box 40
Burnt Islands
A0M 1C0
Grade Level: Levels II and III
Number of Students: 25-30
Project Start and Finish Dates: April 12,1999
May 21, 1999
Project's URL:

  Project Overview

Due to the lack of information located in the school based on today's ever changing environment, it will be a tremendous help if students could search the Web to obtain information relating to their environment related courses. Also, it will give them a closer connection to what is actually happening out in the world.
  • Students will learn the importance of the environment and why it is important to conserve and help repair the damages.
  • Students will gain better knowledge about environmental issues that are occurring all over the world.
  • Students will be able to relate environmental issues, from the perspective of other people around the world to their own personal views.
  • Students will be able to recognize the strong views, concerning the environment, of others outside the local community.

  Curriculum Connections

Environmental Science 3205

Language 2101

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of trying to solve environmental Issues.
  • To put together an informative base to supplement the text book.
  • To prepare a research paper or a topic important to them related to the environment.
Outcome for Technology Education:

The project also addresses the intended outcomes for technology education at the senior high level. These include:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the basic communication principles of encoding, decoding, transmitting, receiving, storing and retrieving and how they are employed in a variety of communications tools and media.
  • Develop multiple options for a solution and identify the most appropriate solution considering conservation of resources, suitability of the solution, the outcomes of the solutions, and the technical activity required to produce it.

  Resource Connections


  • Students will do a research paper based on each topic chosen by the students.
  • Students will develop a science project based on the issues.

  Project Summary

Summaries will be added as they become available.

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