Project 2 - Canadian Heritage Interactive Journey

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  General Information
Lead Teacher(s): Barry Pack    Computer Studies
School: Catalina Elementary
Catalina, NF
A0C 1J0
Telephone: (709)469-2263/2265
Grade Level: Grade Six
Number of Students: 35
Project Start and Finish Dates: April 14th - June 22nd , 1999
Project's URL:
   Project Overview

Our Grade Six class along with other students across Canada will have the opportunity to be part of history as they follow the progress of three bicycle teams, traveling across Canada. As the cyclists experience the culture, heritage, stories and languages of Canada, they will share their discoveries with students on this web site. Students will have the opportunity to watch, talk and be part of the whole experience, sharing their own visions of Canada.

   Curriculum Connections

Social Studies

In the Expected Outcomes of our Grade Six Social Studies program, students are expected to gain a "knowledge of our country's vastness, resources, and rich diversity of culture; a sense of personal identification with Canadians throughout the nation who share this land and who are part of its history; a knowledge of the ways of living of people in the different regions of Canada,". This project help will help students accomplish this expected outcome while using modern technology.

Technology Education

This project will be aimed at the following goal as outlined in "A Curriculum Framework for Technology Education".

  • use communication tools to access, evaluate and select appropriate information and to create, modify and disseminate information.

   Resource Connections

The Stem~net Stellar Schools program is essential to this project. This is the only way that our students could have in-school access to the Internet. A few of our students have access from their homes; however, this project will be carried out in school under teacher supervision. Hence multiple access to the internet is essential for the completion of this .


  • Students will become knowledgeable and appreciate our country's vastness and rich diversity of culture and history.

  • Students will develop confidence in using today's and even tomorrow's technology to solve some of their problems.

  • Students will develop an appreciation for the internet as a tool for keeping us up to date on happenings around the world.

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