Project 2 - Exploring World Cultures

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): David White
School: St. Peter's Elementary
Upper Island Cove, NF
A0A 1G0
Telephone: (709) 589-2624
Grade Level: Grade Eight (Social Studies)
Number of Students: 48 students.
Project Start and Finish Dates: 1998 - 1999 School Year

  Project Overview

The grade eight students in our school are learning about the cultures and cultural groups of selected world regions. The regional study includes the following key concepts and topics:

  • people
  • cultural diversity
  • history and geographic setting
  • political and economic development
  • religion
  • artistic expression
  • contemporary issues
  • future prospects

The intent of this Stellar project is to enhance an existing and ongoing resource-based unit. Each group of (4) students are to choose and do a through research project on a country and the cultural groups of that country.

  Curriculum Connections/Learning Outcomes

This resource-based unit has been specifically developed for the grade eight social studies program, prescribed by the Dept. of Education.

As a Stellar project, it integrates as well with the technology program of our school.

These are the Learning Outcomes:

Social Studies:

The students shall:

  • value the importance of historical events on the evolution of world cultures.
  • develop an understanding of causality as it applies to world cultures.
  • recognize the uniqueness of different world cultures.
  • value other world cultures.
  • appreciate that people have similar needs regardless of their cultural backgrounds.
  • recognize the difficulties of meeting needs in certain cultures.
  • recognize that a diversity of factors influence lifestyles.


The students shall:

  • learn how to access the Internet.
  • conduct a search for information related to the culture and cultural group of a selected world region.
  • select specific items of information by distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant information.
  • learn how to download information (text and graphical) for use.
  • record the source of the information.

  Resource Connections

Because the World Order is changing so rapidly (i.e., the collapse of the Soviet Union), the Stellar Internet connection would provide our students with an invaluable resource to "up-to-date" information.

- print and electronic encyclopedia (CD-ROMS)
- Computer programs (i.e., PC Globe)
- Computer lab - 16 networked PCs.


  1. Group evaluation will be based on the final, in-depth research paper.
  2. Students will also be evaluated on their ability to work independently and cooperatively in group settings using the resources available (i.e., the Internet technology and accessing and retrieving information).
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