Seals and the Seal Hunt

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  General Information
Lead Teacher(s): Phyllis Janes L.
Project Assistant: Raymond G. Snow
School: St. Anthony Elementary
Box 399
St.Anthony, NF
A0K 4S0
Tel: (709) 454-8324
Fax: (709) 454-0003
Grade Level: 5
Project Start and Finish Dates: January to May 1999
Project's URL:
   Project and Objectives

Students will research basic information on seals, in general, found in the Newfound area. This could include kinds, numbers, habitats, food, enemies, etc. Students will understand the historic importance of the seal hunt to the Newfoundland people. Using various sources, student will research why the seal hunt became controversial in the seventies . Students will investigate the effect, if any, that seals have on the cod fishery.

The project is student-centered:
Students will do the work on this project with help from the two teachers. They will decide who to interview and where to gather information that they need. The work will be done in groups using jot notes and a matrix chart. Students will search the internet to obtain relevant information. They will place the information that they found on the internet.


    Main steps of this project:

  1. Introduction
  2. Information search (using a variety of resources)
  3. Prepare a database using:
    • researched facts
    • discussion groups
    • reading
    • summarizing
  4. selection of relevant material
  5. Writing, revising and editing
  6. Publish project.

   Curriculum Objectives

    Social Studies:
    Students will understand:

  • that people make use of their natural resources in different ways in order to meet the demands of the times.
  • that the combination of several natural elements have created excellent places near our shores for sealing.
  • the importance of conservation if natural resources are to provide long-term benefits.
  • that the ocean provides abundant riches on the one hand but poses many natural dangers on the other.

    Language Arts:

  • develop reading and writing skills
  • conduct interviews and compile responses
  • research the topic using various sources of information

    Computer Skills:

  • practice keyboarding skills
  • be introduced to the internet
  • be able to build a database
  • publish a computer-generated project

   Resource Connections

    Internet Use:

  • Introduce students to the internet
  • Students will build the database on seals
  • Students will browse the web for pertinent information

    Involvement of other people:

  • Students will interview local people who have taken part in the seal hunt.
  • Presentation will be made by local Francis Pate, who wrote " Battle Lost-An Unsuccessful Attempt to Save the Seal Hunt."
  • Viewing of video out of the Seal Hunt prepared by the C.B.C. for the "Land and Sea" series.

    Information Technologies:

  • We expect to use CD Rom, "Land and Sea" video, encyclopedia search, magazines, books ("A Battle Lost") and the Internet.


Evaluation will be ongoing as the students work through the project to determine if the proposed learning outcomes have been met.

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