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  General Information
Lead Teacher(s): Mr. Scot Strang (Technology/Biology Teacher)
School: Pearce High School
Grade Level: Level I (Grade 10)
Number of Students: 28
Project Start and Finish Dates: January to June 1999
Project's URL:
   Project Overview

Biology 2201 is an introductory course that is intended to introduce students to basic biological principles and to lay the foundation for further studies in the discipline. The present science curriculum does not incorporate Internet technology into the course objectives. My goal is to create an online unit where students can access lecture notes, worksheets, labs, quizzes and links to other sites on the topic of study. This unit is not meant to replace the traditional mode of instruction, but to augment instruction and encourage lively classroom discussions. The unit will be linked to the Pearce Regional High web page:

   Curriculum Connections

Curriculum Area:

The Biology Online project will cover Unit II - Food Getting/Nutrient Use of the Biology 2201 course objectives.

Learning Outcomes:

    The student(s) will:
  • learn how living things use food to derive materials and energy necessary for life
  • learn how the digestive system through its component parts breaks down complex food molecules
  • develop an understanding of the processes that occur in the digestive system to move food, break it down, absorb and assimilate the end products
  • learn how the circulatory system acts as a transport system
  • demonstrate an understanding of the efficiency of blood circulation
  • learn the transport, exchange and protection functions of blood
  • demonstrate an understanding of the specific defense mechanics of the immune system
  • research the immune disorder known as AIDS
   Resource Connections

Intended Learning Outcomes for Technology Education: Students will learn to:

  • use the World Wide Web (WWW) and the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer to:
    • access lecture notes from the Biology Online site
    • access worksheets and class assignments
    • perform online laboratory experiments
  • take online quizzes before preceding to the next course objective
  • use the free WWW e-mail service Hotmail to submit class assignments to their teacher
  • use the World Wide Web (WWW) and its various search engines to perform research on topics discussed in class

The STELLAR Schools Internet connection will enable students to explore topics of interest in greater detail. Students will have access to the latest research of experts in the field of Biology. Students can e-mail these experts with any questions they may have on the topic of study.

Other resources used in this project: Microsoft Internet Explorer, HTML Editor, WS- FTP, Hotmail WWW e-mail service, Word Perfect Suite 8.


Students will be evaluated on a continuous basis to ensure that they have learned the required objectives. The students will have to take a quiz on the last six objectives before they can proceed to the next objectives. The project also requires each student to submit a written report on the AIDS virus. All tests and assignments have to be submitted electronically via e-mail.

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