Project 3 - Literature On The Internet

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Todd Crane

Sharon Myrden

Marion Sheppard

School: Cabot Academy (Jackson-Walsh Elementary)
P.O. Box 39
Western Bay, NF
A0A 4J0
Telephone: (709) 598-2270
Fax: (709) 598-2231
Grade Level: Grades 5-6
Project Start and Finish Dates: 1998 - 1999 School Year

  Project Overview

This project presents a workable and realistic way for teachers to begin and refine student-led literature research/discussion groups in their classrooms. Students will take ownership of the learning process and often go beyond what is expected. Using textual references and computer data, students will be able to participate in informative and intellectual discussion groups via the Internet.

As students are introduced to different genres of literature, they will utilize various search engines found on the Net to research for information about the literature of the novel. By exploring the different search engines, students will find information in other domains throughout the world.

<  Curriculum Connections

Language Arts:

Students will read various literature:

  1. across the curriculum
  2. found in the resource centre

Respond to Literature:

  1. relate to personal feelings, attributes and experiences
  2. read daily for interest from a variety of literature

Social Studies:

Students will gain a deeper understanding of Newfoundland culture through literature (i.e., Pit Pony).


Students will gain a deeper understanding about relationships and physical growth and development.

Technology Education:

Through the Internet, students will learn:

  • How to log onto the Internet.
  • How to use various search engines to find information about novels.
  • To communicate with other individuals by electronic mail.

  Resource Connections

To date, Jackson-Walsh Elementary has a variety of resources to undertake this project. The technology lab has a Windows NT network using Windows 95 workstations. Other peripherals include a flatbed scanner, digital camera, plotter, printers and a variety of multimedia software. More hardware will be purchased in the near future.

It is very crucial and important that Jackson-Walsh obtains a SLIP connection to undertake this project so that students can be exposed to a variety of literature and to share information with other students elsewhere.


  • Throughout the course of this project, students will share their valuable information with their classmates and other individuals on the Internet.
  • This project will demonstrate to the school the exciting and rewarding effects of that an Internet connection has on all areas of the curriculum. At the same time, students will be enriched with a wealth of information.
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