Project 2 - School Web Page

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Todd Crane
School: Cabot Academy
P.O. Box 39
Western Bay, NF
A0A 4J0
Telephone: (709) 598-2270
Fax: (709) 598-2231
Grade Level: Grade 6
Project Start and Finish Dates: November 1, 1998 - June, 1999

  Project Overview

The aim of this project is for the students of Jackson-Walsh to develop a Web Page for the school and to include information about the surrounding communities. Students will concentrate on a main page for the school with additional links (pages) for all communities on the North Shore that are a part of Jackson-Walsh. The communities range from Kingston to Caplin Cove (a total of twelve communities).

Students will research historical and geographical facts about these communities and prepare a detailed Web Page using HTML programming. The purpose of this project is for students to share their school and communities with the rest of the world via the Internet.

  Curriculum Connections

Social Studies:

Students will study aspects of their cultures including the physical and environment of the North Shore of Conception Bay, the origins or history of their culture, and the economic, social, and political life.

Language Arts:

Students will research and accumulate information about the communities and organize it in a well prepared Web page.

Technology Education:

The technological impact will be to involve students in various multimedia tasks (HTML programming, importing graphics, shooting digital pictures, uploading and downloading files).

  • Students will integrate technology education with various areas of the curriculum.
  • Students will experience the Internet as a form of communication technology.

  Resource Connections

Currently, Jackson-Walsh has the following resources:

* Windows NT Network with windows 95 operating system.
* Digital camera
* Flatbed Scanner
* Printers (HP Laser and DeskJet 600C)
* Plotter
* Variety of Multimedia Software

Having a Slip connection to the Internet is vital to accomplish this project and to promote our school.


  • Students will learn a variety of software, technological vocabulary, and communications techniques (e-mail, Internet, and HTML).
  • Students will develop a sense of belonging and take pride in their school and community.
  • Students will become effective researchers and presenters using the Internet.
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