Educational Concepts on Community Nutrition

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  General Information
Lead Teacher(s): Ms. Sherry LeRoux
School: Discovery Collegiate
Grade Level: Level III
Number of Students: Two Nutrition 3100 classes
Project Start and Finish Dates: November 2 - December 4
Project's URL:

Project Overview

  1. Search the Internet for current information of nutrition related issues - teaching the concepts and putting them into practice.
  2. Select a target audience with demographics keeping in mind the topic chosen is appropriate as well a referral letter or sign up sheet is required.
  3. Plan 2-3 information sessions that allow the students to think critically about nutrition in regard to diet obviously, lifestyle, effects on family or/and individual emotionally etc,... In addition a lesson plan on the how to present the information with appropriate time frames.
  4. Evaluation of the project will review topics covered and opinions on the sessions. This provides a framework to assess knowledge imparted to those who need it, and to assess the style of presentation and it's effectiveness educator in the field of nutrition.
  5. Presentation to class and/or to community group.
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