Project 2: Letter to Santa

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Curriculum Connections
  General Information
Lead Teacher(s): Juanita Seward
Grade One Teacher

Jewel Pelley
Grade One Teacher

School: Clarenville Primary School
P.O.Box 1237
Clarenville, NF
A0E 1J0
Grade Level: One
Number of Students: 29
Project Start and Finish Dates: December 1 to December 18
Project's URL:

   Project Overview

Students will use the Internet to access a site where they will e-mail a letter to Santa Claus.

   Curriculum Connections

Language Arts

Grade One students will:

  • Compose a letter to Santa Claus
  • Edit their letter with teacher help in terms of correct spelling, upper-case letters, punctuation and grammar
  • Write their letter to Santa using the word processing program available on the accessed Internet site Technology Information

Students will use the computer to:

  • Access a book marked file
  • Practise keyboarding skills
  • Send an e-mail letter
  • Follow directions on a computer screen


The project will be bases on the following criteria:

  • Students will pre write and edit their letters
  • Students will use the Internet as a means accessing a book marked file
  • Students will learn to e-mail letters
  • Students will develop an appreciation of mail can travel over the Internet
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