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  General Information
Lead Teacher(s): Roberta Stanford
School: Clarenville Middle School
Grade Level: Eight
Number of Students: 23
Project Start and Finish Dates: October 1998 - May 1999
Project's URL:

   Project Overview

One of the goals of the grade eight language arts program is to teach students research skills and to use these skills in a major project. At the same time a major goal is to have students study the life of an author and to examine how the author's life may have impacted on the author's writing. To accomplish this task it is important that the students use the internet as a research tool. Of course other reference materials available from the resource center will also be used. The role of the internet will be to give the students world wide access to the information written on different authors and to give students a means of obtaining current and up to date information on an author and what s/he has written. This will be accomplished through the use of on- line published materials ( web pages) and through sites that allow students to access information on writing in general.

After the material has been collected, students will write a comprehensive report on their findings and on the books they have read by this author. Their findings will be presented to the class by using a multimedia presentation tool such as Corel presentations. The final copy of the report will then be published on the internet with a site such a Cyberkids.


To teach students research skills using the internet in the area of language arts.


  1. Students will learn how to accesss the internet for research
  2. Students will study the life and writings of an author
  3. Students will learn how an author's life and history can affect how s/he writes and what s/he writes about.

   Resource Connections

  1. Internet Connection. Provided by Cable Atlantic and STEM-NET
  2. Computer system capable of running WWW software. This will be provided by Clarenville Middle School
  3. Various Language Arts Material. This will be provided through the use of the Internet and the Resource center at the Clarenville Middle School


  1. Development of good research techaniques especially as it applies to the internet
  2. Development of a knowledge of how the life of a wirter may influence what s/he actually writes about and how s/he writes
  3. Development of good report writing skills
  4. Development of good writing skills
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