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  General Information
Lead Teacher(s): C. James Hickman
Special Services Teacher
School: Clarenville High School
P.O. Box 309
Clarenville, NF
A0E 1J0
Telephone: (709) 466-2713
Grade Level: Grade 9 Special Education
Number of Students: 12 - 15 identified Special Education Students at the Grade 9 Level
Project Start and Finish Dates: January 4, 1999 to March 30,1999
Project's URL:

   Project Overview

The following project is designed to introduce Special Needs Students to the benefits of using the internet and computers in their learning. Research has shown that computers are highly beneficial in motivating and helping Special Needs Student to learn. This project will involve having student research the "Beothuk Indians of Newfoundland", and writing a report. Students will be require to search out information, analyze and organize the information,and use the writing process to present what they have found. This project will also involve creating a model of a typical Beothuk village. Students will be encouraged to use the internet and to e-mail various agencies to obtain information.

   Curriculum Connections

Social Studies:

  • Provide background information on the "Beothuk's of Newfoundland", covered in the Grade 9 social studies program.
  • Provide students with some historical information about Newfoundland.
  • Provide students with an understanding of the Beothuk way of life.
  • Provide students with an understanding for the decline of the Beothuk Indian.
  • Help student to find places where the Beothuk lived in Newfoundland and to develop mapping skills by placing these areas on a map.


This project will develop skills in the following areas:

  • Reading/interpreting
  • Online communication
  • Separating relevant from irrelevant information
  • Paraphrasing
  • Writing skills (note taking, writing sentences, paragraphs and reports)
  • The writing process
  • Accessing information from a variety of sources
  • Using a wordprocessor as well as the internet

This research will also provide students with background information needed to study the novel, "Blood Red Ochre". This is a novel on the Beothuks used in the Grade 9 English program.

   Resource Connections

The Stellar Schools Internet Service will enable student to access the Web to find information relevant to the research topic. It will also allow students to e-mail various institutions, such as the Newfoundland Museum, for pamphlets and other types of information. Access to the internet is vital to the success of this project since there is very little information available on this topic in our Resource Centre.

   Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn how to access information on the internet.
  • Students will learn how to e-mail to various locations for information.
  • Students will learn how to write a letter of request.
  • Students will learn to use the writing process.
  • Students will learn to develop writing skills.
  • Students will learn to use a wordprocessor.
  • Students will learn about the Beothuk Indians of Newfoundland.
  • Students will learn to separate important from unimportant information.
  • Students will learn to paraphrase informantion.
  • Students will learn that computers can be used as a tool for learning.
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