Project 3 - "Integration of Technology into Classroom Science"

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Paul McCarthy
School: St. Paul's Elementary
Box 419
Harbour Grace, NF
A0A 2M0
Tel. 709-596-5089
Fax. 709-596-5094
Grade Level: Grade 4

  Project Overview

I feel the newly revised Grade 4 Science Program can be greatly enhanced through a Stellar School Internet connection. Paul McCarthy, the Grade 4 Science Teacher, will be the lead teacher for this project and the project will involve 19 students.

The revised Elementary Science Curriculum Guide, unlike previously published guides, suggests several Internet sites that can be used to supplement the learning resources for Grade 4 Science.

For example, in the unit "Meeting Basic Needs and Maintaining a Healthy Body", one of the learning outcomes is for students to acquire an understanding of the various organs of the body. Two of the recommended sites for this unit include "The Heart: An Online Exploration" and "Ms. Hartman's Anatomy and Physiology Class". These sites have great pictures and are good sources of information for project work. The Common Framework of Science Learning Outcome #205-8 states: "Students are to identify and use a variety of sources and technologies to gather pertinent information (e.g. use simulation software to explore the functioning of the body systems)." This objective can be addressed directly through exploration of the above mentioned sites.

Another valuable technological resource is the online episodes of "Bill Nye, the Science Guy". These episodes cover a wide range of scientific principals, including the concept of simple machines. The episode on simple machines could help achieve objective #303-16 (demonstrate the use of rollers, wheels and axles, in moving objects) and objective #303-19 (design the most efficient level to accomplish a given a given task). The objectives of the other Grade 4 Science units: "Diversity of Life" and "Sound" can also be achieved through the use of several other suggested Internet sites.

In conclusion, I feel the Grade 4 Science curriculum can be greatly enhanced through the Stellar Schools Program. Enabling students to have access to the Internet will not only enrich the Science program, but will also help address the intended learning outcomes for Technology at the Grade 4 level as well.

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