Project 2 - A Writing Exchange

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Daphne Bussey
School: St. Paul's Elementary
Box 419
Harbour Grace, NF
A0A 2M0
Tel. 709-596-5089
Fax. 709-596-5094
Grade Level: Grade 4
Project Start and Finish Dates: Project will begin in Fall of 1997 and continue until June 1998

  Project Overview

Children love to correspond with other children around the world. We have corresponded in the past with penpals, etc. but sending items by mail takes a lot of time for delivery and the year is over before you know it. I would like to twin with schools around the world and have children exchange letters, stories, poems, artworks, information about our town, and school news, etc.

Children enjoy the computer and would love to participate in such a project. This particular class has a high academic level and are excited about the prospect of sharing with others.

We have raised $10,000 and have received a grant for $25,000. We expect to have a computer lab and server set up soon.

  Curriculum Connections

Language Arts - Reading and writing skills.
Social Studies - In Grade 4 we study the world and would like to tell others about us.
Health - making friends - self image - autobiographies
Math - exchanges of problems/statistics

In this project children would be writing for a purpose. It would give meaning to their study of the world to correspond with children in the countries being studied. They would realize that children around the world have the same basic needs although cultures may be different.

We have set as one of our school goals to be a school with the technology to educate students how to use the computer and to use the computer to educate children. We worked with Mr. Gerald Andrews, School Board Co-ordinator, to develop outcomes in Technology Education for elementary grades.

The Stellar School Internet is the crucial component to allow this project to work. We need to be able to e-mail to other schools around the world at any time.

We would be utilizing the scanner at Ascension Collegiate as we do not have one. We hope to purchase a server and have satellite computers available at the class level.


Learning Outcomes:

(I) Students will learn basic computer skills
(a) boot program
(b) Internet access
(c) using a word processor program
(II) Students will:
(a) improve basic writing skills
(b) learn about countries around the world
(c) through describing themselves to other students will develop self-image and self-esteem
(d) through sharing problem solving, students will develop improved problem solving skills
(e) through sharing Art students will be encouraged to develop their artistic abilities.

Evaluation of the impact of this project on the school and the curriculum will mainly be informal assessment of the enthusiasm of the students to participate and a formal assessment of the completed projects.

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