Project 1: Grade 5 Social Studies

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Brenda Hunt-Stevenson - Grade 5 Teacher
School: St. Paul's Elementary
Box 419
Harbour Grace, NF
A0A 2M0
Tel. 709-596-5089
Fax. 709-596-5094
Grade Level: Grade 5
Project Start and Finish Dates: Project will begin in Fall of 1997 and continue until June 1998

  Project Overview

Social Studies in Grade 5 explores our Province, its people, geography, history and culture. Our own town, Harbour Grace is rich in history with colourful characters that bring the past to life with a mention of their names. Peter Easton is known world wide. Amelia Earhart brought fame to many places and our own native, Frank Moores, helped shape our province.

It is our proposal to share the local and provincial history with other Grade 5 classes by using the computer and a Newfoundland & Labrador Social Studies Home Page. Essays, stories, poems, and databases can be be put on the screen by students with links to our own provincial sites for some research. This will give my Grade 5 students an opportunity at "hands on" in both Social Studies and Computer Literacy. Each child will be responsible for one project entry for the year.

This will address the learning outcomes for technology in our school, St. Paul's Elementary, the board, Avalon West School District and the Department of Education. Students will understand and use the computer and Internet for research purposes. Students will enter information on the computer. Students will log on and log out of the Internet. Students will use the computer as a communication tool and will learn to respect this technology they realize it is more than a game machine.

  Curriculum Connections

This project will connect with Social Studies, Language Arts, Art and Computer Literacy Resources such as the Harbour Grace Library and Librarian, The Conception Bay Museum. The Harbour Grace Historical Society and Aviation Society will play a role in this project as the students interview and research this project. The School Library, resource teachers, the Computer Lab and the technology teacher will become resource people to help develop this project. Parents are an integral part in the education of a child and will become a resource as a guide in this project as their child explores the individual assignments.

Our computer lab is not yet up and we are awaiting the computers. We raised $10,000 during the 1996-97 school year and received funding for $25,000 as well. We understand that the tender has been called for the installation of these computers.


Each student will:

- become familiar with commonly used keyboard keys to enter data as least as fast as Cursive writing
- write/compose directly on the computer
- log on to the network - LAN or WAN
- communicate information through e-mail
- enjoy/appreciate using computers
- produce a document
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