Project 3: "Pen Pal Writing Exchange for Social Studies"

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Elaine Hickey
School: St. Anne's Academy
P.O. Box 300
Tele: (709) 227-3192
Fax: (709) 227-2069
Grade Level: Grade 3
Number of Students: 25 students, 16 boys, 9 girls.
Project Start and Finish Dates: January to June, 1998.

  Project Overview

We are studying "communities" in our Grade 3 Social Studies with a special focus on 5 communities of Lethbridge, Labrador City, Fogo Island, Corner Brook and Placentia. As well, the grade 3 classes across the province are involved in a writing assignment in May of this year. The students will be exposed to various types of writing and will use this project as an opportunity to write Pen Pal letters to students in the other four communities mentioned above with the main intent to improve basic writing skills through active participating in the writing process while exchanging information on our respective communities.

The children will enjoy this type of correspondence as they will be writing for a purpose. Hopefully, this would give meaning to their study of communities as well.

This project would be undertaken with the assistance of the grade 8 class who are well experienced in the use of the Internet. The grade 8 students will act as tutors for the younger children under the supervision of their computer teacher. This project will link Social Studies, Language Arts and Computer Literacy.

  Curriculum Connections

  • to become more familiar with computers
  • to become educated in the use of the Internet Technology.
  • to learn to send and receive e-mail with other students around the province.
  • use of Keyboarding skills when composing messages.
  • learn how to "log on" and "log off" the Internet and how to use the World Wide Web browser.
  • to use writing skills to correspond with other communities to enrich materials in the areas of "communities" in Social Studies.


  • students will demonstrate an appreciation for the use of the computer as an educational tool.
  • students will demonstrate a knowledge of the writing process with the computer as a tool.
  • the messages composed by the students will be printed with the use of the computer and become a part of the students' writing folders.
  • the evaluation of this project will be apart of the student's overall evaluation in their Language Arts and Social Studies programs.
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