Project 1: "St. Anne's Academy" Homepage

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Shawna Follet

Sean Ryan

School: St. Anne's Academy
P.O. Box 300
Tele: (709) 227-3192
Fax: (709) 227-2069
Grade Level: Grade 9
Number of Students: Two classes of grade 9 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: January to April, 1998.

  Project Overview

St. Anne's Academy wishes to take this initial step toward becoming a "Stellar School". It is the belief of the school community that exposing students to such a medium as the internet is both advantageous and rewarding for all involved. Hence, our goal is that our students would, first, make use of the Internet as resource and second, ultimately, place themselves and their school among others on the World Wide Web.

The project would involve the creation of a "St. Anne's Academy" home page by the school's grade nine students. The project would officially begin upon approval, though preliminary work is already under way, and would be completed by April 3, 1998.

Two classes of grade nine students will be assigned various roles in order to ensure completion of the project. Delegation of duties would include: organization, research, photography, writing, design, and programming roles. A select group (group leaders) would receive tutorials in Microsoft Front Page Express, the preferred software for actual page production, from the lead teacher. This type of software is very current and known for efficiently and sophistication in homepage production. An even smaller number of students will receive tutorials in the basis of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) for trouble-shooting purposes during the programming stage.

Other students will:

  • contribute, formulate and finalize, layout and design ideas.
  • research and compile specific information and items (in various formats) pertaining to the school and local communities.
  • formally write and edit the information.
  • select appropriate pictures and images.
  • research and identify relevant and interesting Universal Resource Locators (URLs) to which our homepage would extended through links.
  • scan images in order to add relevant or interesting pictures.
  • visit and research already existing home pages to use e-mail to contact relevant parties during the formulation of ideas stage.

  Curriculum Connections

Students are currently encouraged, in all areas of the curriculum, to become familiar, comfortable and confident with various technological and communication learning mediums. This project would provide the necessary hands on experience to do so. Furthermore, this project would be directly linked to the grade nine Social Studies program, specifically the current "Culture" unit, where students are encouraged and invited to explore and become knowledgeable of their school and their local communities, as well as the forms and mediums of communication.


Evaluation of the project will be both formative and summative. Students input will be monitored throughout. The specific assignment given to students will be evaluated formal, as will the final home page itself for content and presentation. The project, ultimately, will be an ongoing one, with this and other groups updating and improving the page as time goes on.

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