Project 1: Real Time Cross Cultural Collaboration

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Andrew Mercer
School: Roncalli Central High School
Avondale, NF
A0A 1B0
Tel: (709) 229-3381
Fax: (709) 229-4435
Number of Students: 200
Project Start and Finish Dates: Dec 97 - Jun 98

  Project Overview

In keeping with goals and objectives of the applied music curriculum the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, students will use e-mail to contact a peer music student in another country or province. Then they will begin to use the new Net Sessions Technology. This will allow real-time music collaboration between between distant students. During this interaction students will learn to use mainstream professional multimedia tools. They will also develop an understanding and appreciation of cultural similarities and differences by making music on-line with their chosen peer.

  Curriculum Connections

  • Students will use Net Sessions and Cubase software, mid-keyboards and computers to create music with a peer in another country or province other than their own.
  • Students will strengthen their base knowledge of music notation.
  • Students will develop compositional skills and pass these onto their online peers.
  • Students will develop an appreciation of the role of music in other cultures.
  • Students will act as online peer tutors to deal each other new technical skills and to increase musical proficiency.

  Resource Connections

The proposed multicultural components will complement the earning atmosphere already present in the music program. Peer tutoring is already a strong component of the program. Students have been visited by various local musicians and thus have direct exposure to myriad styles. Many students are familiar with cubase-type software and have used the music room's internet connection for traditional e-mail, research, and down loading of guitar notation. If our students can connect with other students on a national or international level, this would be a natural extension of the program that we already have in place.


  • The newly created music will be stores on a computer and evaluated by the music teachers.
  • Students will keep daily journals which will be read and responded to by the teacher.
  • Students will complete self-evaluations and peer evaluations.
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