Project 2 -"Structures and Design"

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Norman Littlejohn
School:Persalvic High School
P.O. Box 70
Victoria, Newfoundland
A0A 4G0
Telephone: 709-596-2441
Fax: 709-596-0826
Grade Level:Grade 7 Science
Project Start and Finish Dates: April - May 1997

  Project Overview

In today's society, students are being exposed to products of design on a regular basis. They may not know or understand the work involved, but they generally know that some sort of planning has occurred. High School students at Persalvic are studying t he Design Process, Elements of Design, and a variety of design principles. It is now the goal of Persalvic to begin this process at the Junior High level, giving the students the earliest possible exposure to design. The next unit in Grade 7 Science dea ls with structures. This gives students the opportunity to experiment and test their own creations. This project will give the students exposure to other students' work, as well as give them input as to the effectiveness of their own designs. We will a chieve this outcome by posting design problems and possible solutions on the internet, and issuing a challenge to other Junior High students to submit their solutions to our problems.

  Curriculum Connections


Students will enhance their knowledge of structural design. By examining and studying other design problems, our students will get the extra practice they need to enrich their classroom learning.

Technology Education

Students will develop skills in file conversion, HTML programming, E-Mail communications, and file transfer. In achieving the goals of the problem solving domain, students will be working toward solutions to various design problems being sent to them.

  Resource Connections

  1. Windows NT server to give internet access to the computer lab. This server will also be used to house student homepages.

  2. Computers capable of running WWW software.

  3. Flat-bed color scanner.

  4. Various woodworking tools and materials that can be used in construction of protocols.


  1. Students will link with other students across the province in working on their designs and problem solving activities.

  2. Students will develop various communications skills.

  3. Students will develop knowledge of the Design Process.

  4. Students will develop skills in problem solving and design.

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