Project 1: "Project Matthew"

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Norman Littlejohn and Maria Murphy
Schools:Windsor Pentecostal Elementary
Persalvic High School
P.O. Box 70
Victoria, Newfoundland
A0A 4G0
Telephone: 709-596-2441
Fax: 70 9-596-0826
Grade Level:Grade 7/French and Technology Education Program
Project Start and Finish Dates:February - April 1997

  Project Overview

Persalvic High School, in conjunction with Windsor Pentecostal Elementary, has teamed up to do a historical project on Cabot's discovery. As Newfoundland celebrates its 500th anniversary this year, the awareness of Newfoundland's history will increase co nsiderably. The voyage of John Cabot, the places he visited, as well as the vessel on which he and his crew sailed, will prepare a medium for tourists to research Newfoundland and find interesting facts that relate this province to Cabot's discovery. Bo th schools will be committed to researching information revolving around the historical discovery of John Cabot and how it is significant to the development of our great province. Both research projects will be reviewed and evaluated for content, and onc e the final projects for each school are established, HTML programming will allow each class the opportunity to prepare their project for viewing via the Internet.

  Curriculum Connections

Social Studies

In a unit on Explorers, the students studied the paths taken by various explorers of Newfoundland, including John Cabot. This project will enrich and enhance this unit.

Language Arts

Before the actual posting of the information on the internet, students are responsible for gathering and compiling appropriate information that will lead to a well-written report on John Cabot and The Matthew.

Technology Education

As part of their Technology module, the students are to develop communications skills. These skills include image digitizing, file conversion and manipulation, uploading and downloading, HTML programming, and basic electronic communication.

  Resource Connections

Students who will take part in this project from Persalvic are divided into 2 separate classes. For the purposes of internet communication and downloading, they are limited to 3 computers in the entire school which are spread out in different locations. We are in the process of developing a Windows network in our lab, which will give access to another 25-30 computers. A slip connection to our lab would greatly enhance this task.

We have purchased a Windows NT server, a flatbed color scanner, graphic software, and have installed a telephone line to help our students gain access to the internet, and develop their homepages.


This team approach will provide the participants the opportunity to:

  1. Understand our Newfoundland culture, since 1497 and compare it to today.

  2. Collaborate their ideas, organize their ideas and share their findings to create a well balanced report.

  3. Work cooperatively with other students in Windsor Pentecostal Elementary, with the aid of electronic communications.

  4. Develop a homepage to communicate their information.

  5. Use research skills to gather appropriate information suitable to their portion of the assignment.

  6. Learn a variety of communication techniques (ie. E-mail, WWW, FTP, etc.)

Student involvement is an essential factor for the operation of this project. It is developed primarily for student manipulation and organization, along with guidance from the lead teacher. Once the historical data is collected and formulated into an ac ceptable assignment, the lead teacher will help the students write it into HTML format. Completing this project with another school, will enhance the true meaning of cooperative learning and develop responsibility as a core essential. The lead teachers from each school have discussed this project in great depth and have set goals for the students to lay a foundation for a complete historical overview of Newfoundland.

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