Project 1: "Space Motivation"

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Todd Crane

Marion Sheppard

Lucia Halfyard

School: Jackson-Walsh Elementary
P.O. Box 39
Western Bay, NF
A0A 4J0
Telephone: (709) 598-2270
Fax: (709) 598-2231
Grade Level: Grade 6
Number of Students: Five ISSP students
Project Start and Finish Dates: This project will begin as soon as we can get a slip connection, and will be ongoing for approximately four weeks.
  Project Overview

One of the most interesting units in the Grade Six Language Arts program is "Space". Students explore and research the concept of "space" in a variety of avenues, including a more recent and fascinating way - the Internet. Students do have prior knowledge of Space since it is a part of the Grade Four curriculum as well. Student's have completed research with teacher assistance and have utilized matrixes, jot-notes, idea diagrams, etc.

The purpose of this project is to motivate ISSP students to develop confidence in their ability to be successful readers and writers. All students doing this project are on an ISSP for Language Arts. It is apparent that these students lack the necessary motivation to feel successful. This project will help these students experience success and enable them to handle projects with a new level of confidence. Most of this unit will be teacher assisted, but will allow for ISSP students to have much input.

  Curriculum Connections/Learning Outcomes

Language Arts:

* Students will compile information from various sources (text, CD ROM, the Internet, etc.)

* Students will utilize matrixes to organize information.

* Students will use jot notes to record information.


* Students will have a greater understanding of the Solar System.

* Students will develop an understanding of how the Earth functions into the Solar System.

* Students will strengthen their knowledge on the components that make up the Solar System (planets, galaxies, etc.)

* Students will access various sites on the Net related to space (e.g., Space Link, NASA, etc.)

Technology Education:

This project has great potential for students to enhance their knowledge of "Space". Technology Education is related to Space directly and many learning outcomes will be enhanced. As stated in the document "Living in a Technological Society", the following outcomes will be addressed:

* Nature of Space Technology
* Impact of Space Technology
* Technological Literacy
* Technological Communication
* Life-long Learning

Students will create their own Web page on "Space" at the end of the unit and publish it to the Internet with teacher assistance.

  Resource Connections

Jackson-Walsh has a newly constructed Technology Lab consisting of:

* NT Network
* 18 Workstations (Win95)
* Digital camera
* Flatbed Scanner
* Printers
* Plotter
* Variety of Multimedia Software

Having a Slip connection to the Internet is vital to accomplish this worldwide and motivating task for all students.


The project will be successful if:

  1. ISSP students are motivated and eager to learn about Space by using the Internet as an alternative learning strategy to reading and writing.
  2. The students are eager to pursue similar activities in other cross-circular units.
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