Project 3 - The Virtual Library

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Robert Pike
School:St. Francis High School
P.O. Box 460
Harbour Grace, Newfoundland
A0A 2M0
Telephone: 709-596-3452
Fax: 709-596-2154
Grade Level:Levels I, II and III
Project Start and Finish Dates:January 6, 1997 - June 13, 1997

  Project Overview

The school will be provided with the technology to permit a number of students and teachers to simultaneously access the Internet through an NT Network with multiple client stations. A select number of students will be trained as assistant librarians to use the World Wide Web as a database to help develop the school's virtual library. The students work will actually expand the school's vertical file which is directly related to the curriculum.

Their training will encompass the practice of refining searches, creating electronic folders and bookmarks and assisting their peers and teachers in improving their own queries to better expedite their retrieval of information from the WWW/Virtual Library.

  Curriculum Connections

Technology Education

  • Students will acquire the knowledge and develop the skills to use state-of-the-art information and global communications equipment.

  • Students will learn to download and organize electronic files and convert them to hardcopy for the use of other learners.

Language Arts
  • Students will develop skills in organizing a body of information.

  • Students will enhance their information processing skills in sorting masses of information to identify what is useful and valuable.

  • Students will further develop their literacy skills to scan for value written and illustrated documents.

Other Academic Areas
  • Students will develop a library database of information that will be a valuable addition to all curriculum areas in the school. The database will be organized under specific school program areas.

  Intended Learning Outcomes

Acceptance of this project will be one step towards giving our school Stellar School status. If this is achieved, our students and our school’s Resource Center will gain access to the Internet through our NT Network. Our students and teachers will the be connected to a global network of learning resources and the means to exchange documents and communications throughout the world. This will greatly enrich all program areas in the school and give students extremely valuable communication and lifelong learning skills.

  Resource Connections

  • This project will permit educationally sound and extensive use of the NT Network and its various peripherals presently existing in the school, including CD-ROMS.

  • This project is essentially about training students to create a resource base of knowledge (Virtual Library) that will be available to all students and teachers in the school. It is a Learning Resource project.

  • A school homepage and news letter will be created to assist the school in communicating with parents and other stakeholders.


The evaluation system will be performance based. Teachers will grade and evaluate students on their ability to:

  • independently log on to the Internet.

  • use a web browser to search for information on the WWW.

  • download files/documents from the Internet.

  • categorize downloaded electronic data files and collate them properly into folders.

  • communicate effectively the language and terminology of this technology by successfully teaching the techniques to their peers.

  • assist other students and staff in their requests for information.

  • use E-mail.

  • retrieve attached files from E-Mail messages.

  • expand the use of the library, particularly the “virtual library”, by other students and teachers.

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