Project 1: The Internet as a Career Exploration Tool

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Jerome McCarthy
School:St. Francis High School
P.O. Box 460
Harbour Grace, Newfoundland
A0A 2M0
Telephone: 709-596-3452
Fax: 709-596-2154
Grade Level:Levels I, II and III
Project Start and Finish Dates:January 6, 1997 - June 13, 1997

  Project Overview

Most of our students will pursue careers outside their own community and province. Additionally, the world of work is now changing so rapidly that many of them will change careers several times during their working lifetime, and work in occupations that do not yet exist.

This project will give our students the ability to globally access the latest career information and job trends via the Internet. The project will train them how to use the search engines to find the information most relevant to them, how to retrieve th is information in various formats, and how to communicate it to others. The students will also learn how to respond to the career knowledge they will gain, through the communications systems now available on the Internet.

The overall intent is to make students more adaptable and able to respond more rapidly to the latest international job market information and trends.

  Curriculum Connections

Career Education

Students will develop the major skills intended in this program: self-awareness, knowledge of the world of work, decision making, and job search techniques.

Language Arts

  • Students will enhance their information processing skills by furthering their ability to sort masses of information to get to the material most relevant to their needs - use descriptors content outlines, indexes, etc..

  • Students will develop their literacy skills to respond to requests for information: complete applications, survey instruments, write letters (E-Mail), etc.
Technology Education
  • Students will acquire the knowledge and develop the skills to use state-of-the-art information communications equipment.

  • Students will learn to manipulate electronic files as a medium of communication.

  Intended Learning Outcomes

Acceptance of this project will be one step towards giving our school Stellar School status. If this is achieved, our students will gain access to the Internet through our NT Network. Our students will then be connected to a global network of learning r esources and the means to exchange documents and communications throughout the world. This will greatly enrich all program areas in the school and give students extremely valuable communication and lifelong learning skills.

  Resource Connections

  • This project will permit educationally sound and extensive use of the NT Network and its various peripherals presently existing in the school.

  • The school already has an extensive Career Resource Center with an array of print, software and video materials. This project will be a major addition to this resource, especially by keeping the information more current.


The evaluation system will be performance based. Teachers will grade and evaluate students on their ability to:

  • independently log on to the Internet (demonstration by student)

  • complete career related searches (will find a site described but not specified by the teacher)

  • develop an extensive list of occupational/job trends sites ( written list prepared by student).

  • create a succinct and accurate written description of career information sites, in a way that the information will be useful to others (student will prepare a description of a particular site).

  • demonstrate the ability to use the Internet as a learning tool (student will find the answer to a relevant question posed by the teacher or peers).

  • Students will give a verbal description of how the Internet can be used as a tool in career decision making (oral presentation or interview).

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