Project 2 - Environmental Awareness

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): William Whalen

Gerard P. Butt

School: St. Columba Elementary
P.O. Box 179
Harbour Grace, NF
A0A 2M0
Tel: (709) 596-2333
Number of Students: 110 students
Grade Level: Grades 4 - 7
Project Start and Finish Dates: January - April, 1998
  Project Overview

This project is designed so that students may enrich their knowledge of the environment. At the end of the project it is hoped that the students will have become better citizens of the environment. It is the intent of the project to have the students access the Internet and have students take action - "either to enhance the environment or to communicate to other students in different schools about our environment."

Key words for this project are: (green school, students, action, enhance, communicate, technology and environment).

Students will:

  • research the need to protect and conserve our environment.
  • obtain valuable from environmental exploration of various web sites.
  • investigate Newfoundland's and Canada's roles in protecting our environment.
  • shared their varied experiences and actions in making St. Columba an environmentally friendly school.

Students will establish contact with:

  • Internet environmental sites as well as municipal, provinical, and federal departments.
  • conservation groups of all persuasions.

Students will:

  • establish a Web home page on various environmental topics and concerns from their various research projects.
  • interact with other students in other schools across the province, Canada and the world via the Internet.

  Curriculum Connections

This project can be incorporated across different curriculums - language arts, social studies, science, etc. Specific projects could involve finding and downloading information on topics related to wildlife, conservation, the rain forest, pollution, recycling, over-fishing, etc.

Students will:

  • become more responsible environmental citizens
  • promote their school as a green school
  • learn research skills in collecting, organizing, presenting and evaluating data
  • choose their own environmental topics to research
  • prepare and present research papers on the various environmental topics

  Resource Connections

The STELLAR Schools Internet connection will allow quicker and longer access for more of our students to get online.

Students will be able to surf the World Wide Web and connect with many other groups who have different and varied view-points on a wide range of environmental concerns.


We believe that this project will be of great educational value to our students. Students will accept Computer Technology as a user-friendly educational tool. The students' environmental action project will encourage students to take action, help improve and enhance their knowledge of the environment.

Students will have greatly enhanced communication skills at the end of the project. Most importantly, students will learn how to objectively handle serious environmental problems and become better environmental citizens entering into the new millennium.

Students will be evaluated on anecdotal recording, by teacher observation, and formal and informal testing. Oral or written projects will receive a letter or percentage grade.

Students' improved environmental awareness and attitudes will be a major component of the evaluation process.

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