Project 3 - Coley's Point Primary Homepage

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Kevin Mercer
School: Coley's Point Primary
P.O. Box 509
Bay Robert's, NF
A0A 1G0
Tel. 709-786-9052
Grade Level: K - 3
Project Start and Finish Dates: October 1997 - June 1998

  Project Overview

Through the development of a school homepage, students will be given the opportunity to publish written and artistic work. The homepage will also be a vehicle for informing the community about the work ongoing at Coley's Point Primary.

  Curriculum Connections

Participating in the development of a school homepage offers students and teachers many opportunities to address curriculum objectives in many disciplines.

Language Arts - Publishing on the homepage gives the students an authentic audience for their written work.
Art - Students artistic work can be showcased on the school web site.
Technology Education - Students will be exposed to the Internet as a source of information and as a vehicle for reading the works of others and publishing their own. While most students may be too young to do the actual coding of the information in HTML, this may be an opportunity to challenge more capable students.

Other curriculum objectives may also be addressed as the site develops.

  Resource Connections

Through the STELLAR Schools connection students will be exposed to the vast possibilities of the Internet. They will acquire an understanding of themselves as part of this wide world of opportunity. Giving students the opportunity to publish for a worldwide audience will enhance the students understanding of themselves as part of the global village.


Evaluation of Language Arts in the Primary school is most often done through individual conferences with the child. Work to be published on the school website will have been developed through the writing process and will have been edited and reviewed by the student, his/her peers and the teacher.

Evaluation of the website and its development will be part of the mandate of the school's Leadership Team.

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