Project 2 - Holidays Online

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Wendy King
School: Coley's Point Primary
P.O. Box 509
Bay Robert's, NF
A0A 1G0
Tel. 709-786-9052
Grade Level: Grades 2
Project Start and Finish Dates: October 1997 - June 1998

  Project Overview

In Holidays Online students will use the school's Internet connection to explore the vast number of sites related to holidays and special days. These may include:

  • Writing letters to Santa and receiving specially written letters in return.
  • Researching the history of Halloween and the development of Halloween symbols.
  • Researching Christmas celebrations in other parts of the world.

  Curriculum Connections

Holidays and other special days are an integral part of the primary curriculum. The primary curriculum is taught using an integrated, thematic approach to address objectives and learning outcomes in all curriculum areas. The holiday themes involve objectives in Language Arts, Social Studies, Religion and other areas. Studying and researching these holidays also addresses the development of skills in locating, synthesizing and presenting information. As part of the Technology Education curriculum.

  Resource Connections

In the Holidays Online project, the resources of the school's STELLAR Schools connection will be used to supplement the existing school resources. Access to the Internet is important to this project as it gives the students an opportunity to explore material and ideas not available through the resources in the school.


Evaluation in the Primary school is best done through ongoing observation and discussion with the students. Evaluation of the learning in Holidays Online will be conducted in a similar manner.

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