Project 3: On-Line Mentorships

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  General Information

Lead Teacher: Mrs. Kimberly Welsh
School: Carbonear Integrated Collegiate
P.O. Box 110
Carbonear, Newfoundland
A1Y 1C5
Telephone: 709-596-3911
Fax: 709-596-0462
Grade Level: Levels II and III
Project Start and Finish Dates: February 21, 1997 - August 31, 1997

  Project Overview

This project will establish on-line mentors for students enrolled in the school's Youth Internship Program. Internet links will allow students to interact with entrepreneurs, financial advisors, legal experts and government agents. The information that is exchanged will be used by students to develop entrepreneurial ventures. Students will also use this information to produce reports to be shared with other students in the school who are interested in setting up their own businesses. When the reports are completed, the Youth Internship Students will establish a webpage to share the information they gather with other people.

  Curriculum Connections

The information compiled in the project can be used to compliment several areas of the school curriculum. Some of those areas include:

  • the economic education courses, Enterprise 2125, Enterprise 3205 and Canadian Economy. Students enrolled in these courses will be able to access the database to search for enterprising opportunities.

  • the computer studies curriculum will be enhanced as students develop computer skills in information processing.

  • the Co-op / Enterprise Students will also benefit from the online research as they will be able to use the information to help with their enterprise venture ideas.

  • C.I.C. has placed a lot of emphasis on the area of Business Education. By turning on students to the Internet, this project will not only motivate students but will promote the school’s enterprise courses as well.

  Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop an appreciation for the necessity to develop a network of professional advisors.

  • Students will develop an on-line relationship with an experienced entrepreneurial mentor.

  • Students will learn to appreciate the major advances that have taken place in telecommunication and information technology and how it applies to today's business world.

  • To create a webpage that will provide links to other entrepreneurs.

  • Use electronic mail to send and receive information from other individuals.

  • Set up an on-line newgroup to exchange ideas with other student entrepreneurs.

  • Conduct an on-line interview with an entrepreneur.

  • Access websites that promote entrepreneurship. (Venture, Leading Edge, Business Briefs, etc.)

  Resource Connections

  • The Internet connections will provide students with a means to gather their information and it will also provide them with a means to share the information by using electronic mail.

  • We have a well equipped computer lab with access to 32 computers that are either 486s or Pentiums. Our lab has a Windows NT Server and our student workstations run with Windows 95.

  • The school also has an Enterprise Resource Center eauipped with two computers that have modems and can be easily connected to the the internet.


The project will be evaluated as an assignment for the Youth Internship Program..

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