Project 2: Creative Writing Circle

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Mrs. Glenis Murray
School:Carbonear Integrated Collegiate
P.O. Box 110
Carbonear, Newfoundland
A1y 1C5
Telephone: 709-596-3911
Fax: 709-596-0462
Grade Level: Levels I, II and III
Project Start and Finish Dates: February 21/97 - June 20/97

  Project Overview

Students enrolled in the Carbonear Integrated Collegiate Creative Writing Club will construct a website to showcase poems, short stories, plays, etc. The site will be used to encourage students from other schools to become involved and showcase their writings as well. The site will also provide a means for students to exchange ideas and to help each other with proofreading and the editing of their writings. A future goal for the site will be to link up with W.I.E.R. (Writers In Electronic Residence) a site that connects students with writers, teachers and other students from across Canada.

  Curriculum Connections

Creative Writing has become an integral part of all the language and literature courses at the senior high level at Carbonear Integrated Collegiate. Other disciplines such as Social Studies have also been promoting creative writing skills.

Courses Include:

  • Language 1101, 2101, 3101
  • Literature 2201, 1200, 2204, 3201, 3202
  • Democracy 2102, Global Issues 3205
  • World Geography 3202

Carbonear Integrated Collegiate is a promoter of Resource Based Learning. An Internet connection would provide students with another resource to enrich this aspect of the curriculum.

  Intended Learning Outcomes

  • to develop students creative abilities through writing.

  • to have students share ideas and editing responsibilities via the internet.

  • to have students identify and write for a specific audience.

  • to identify and link up with various internet websites that are focused on writers and their works.

  • to download articles and to evaluate writing styles of authors who are using the internet to promote their writings.

  • to provide students with a platform to showcase their writings.

  • to have students develop their own webpage using html.

  • to provide students with an opportunity to experience writing from a local, provincial, national and global perspective.

  • to share emotional, reflective and creative responses with others by using electronic mail and the internet.

  Resource Connections

  • The Internet connections will provide students with a means to gather their information and it will also provide them with a means to share the information by using electronic mail.

  • We have a well equipped computer lab with access to 32 computers that are either 486s or Pentiums. Our lab has a Windows NT Server and our students workstations run with Windows 95.

  • The school also has an Enterprise Resource Center equipped with two computers that have modems and can be easily connected to the internet.

The project will be evaluated as an assignment for the Creative Writing Courses.

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