Project 2: FeNĘTres Ouvertes

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Wendy O'Reilly - Lead Teacher

Laura Clarke - Grade 7 French Homeroom

Karen Walsh - Resource Teacher

Paul Brown - Technology Department Head

School: Amalgamated Academy
P.O. Box 460
Bay Roberts, NF
A0A 1G0
Tel: (709) 786-0280
Fax: (709) 786-1243
Grade Level: Grade 7 Late French Immersion
Number of Students: 40 - 50
Project Start and Finish Dates: January - March (on-going each year)
  Project Overview

In seven years at Amalgamated Academy, some 230 students have begun Late French Immersion in Grade 7. Our school has been steadily amassing resources and expanding and developing our program. We wish to further challenge our students by encouraging them to seek new language connections, and to expand their knowledge of French speaking people and their culture by first establishing links to Canadians in Quebec City and then throughout the world. We would do this through the development of a Resource-Based Learning unit on the Quebec Winter Carnival. This would provide students with a cultural context for the trip taken to Quebec every 2 years by our school. As well, we wish to establish an educational and communicative partnership with an intermediate school to initiate correspondence that would complement French language learning at the intermediate level and that would continue as students progressed to higher grades.

  Curriculum Connections

The main curriculum areas that would be addressed through such a unit would include the areas of: French Language Arts (Francais), Social Studies, and Music. The following is a brief description of what would be addressed from each area.

  • French Language Arts (Francais)

    The research and the inter-student communication would provide opportunities to meet language objectives using expressive and informative discourse as well as using formal and informal levels of French. They will be directly working with the themes of home, family, friends, activities, special holidays and culture.
  • Social Studies

    Students will become more knowledgeable of French Canada, its traditions and its heritage. Future links can be made worldwide for these same students in grade 8.
  • Music

    Direct contact with Quebec would allow us to have an up-to-date look at the world of fine arts which would greatly enrich the students understanding of the French culture.

  Intended Learning Outcomes

This project would allow French Immersion students to use the language in authentic situations of communication.

  • Improve French language writing skills
  • Learn to use the Internet as a research tool
  • Learn how to e-mail
  • Become familiar with the culture of Quebec, specifically the Winter Carnival
  • Locate, listen to and study current popular music and lyrics

  Resource Connections

Having the Stellar Schools Internet Connection will allow us to build upon our present resources (kits, pictures, videos, texts, music and slides) on the Carnival. The added bonus of possible direct communication with the Quebecois by our students would be an invaluable resource which we at present do not have. This exposure to such a wealth of information could only take place by direct communication which later will be followed up by student travel and possibly school visits.


The evaluation of the project would come directly from the Intended Learning Outcomes previously stated for this project. They are as follows:

___ Write letters to new friends exchanging personal information and sharing experiences using E-mail.
___ Locate and utilize information found on Web pages on the Quebec Winter Carnival.
___ Present in groups various aspects of Quebec culture to the class.
___ Download sound clips of music for aural comprehension.
___ Download lyrics for study.
___ Know how to send and receive E-mail.
___ Know how to access information from a Web site.
___ Know how to download information.

This project will motivate students to improve their reading and writing skills for real life communication. The success of this program may be evaluated by analyzing the improvements made in French skills, by assessing how knowledgeable the students become after the research project is completed and by gauging their level of interest in the research and in continuing contact with new friends via e-mail.

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