Project 3: Exploring The Matthew

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Jim Roberts

Perry Elliott

School:Matthew Elementary School
P.O. Box 640
Bonavista, NF
A0C 1B0
Ph.# (709)468-7242
Fax # (709)468-1137

Allan Pitcher: Principal
Basil Durdle: Vice-Principal

  Project Overview

As the 500th anniversary of John Cabot's landfall approaches, students at Matthew Elementary School will set out on their own voyage of discovery. What was John Cabot's "Matthew" really like? How big was it? How does it compare with similar ships of the period, or with modern sea-going ships, or local fishing vessels?

The project is seen as having the potential to provide enrichment in several curriculum areas, from Social Studies to Science and Technology. Measuring, quantifying, classifying, defining operationally and communicating findings through tables, graphs, drawings and written accounts will be integral components of the project and serve to illuminate and reinforce science process skills.

The facility to explore the Internet for information, employ electronic mail, and visit Web sites relevant to the Matthew replica will greatly enhance the quality and quantity of information available to students. For many students, this will serve as their initiation to navigating the "information highway"

  Intended Participants

     Grade four, five and six students at Matthew Elementary School.

  Resource Connections

STELLAR School Internet Connections. Through the use of STELLAR School Internet Connection students will be able to navigate the "information highway" to Search and Communicate relevant material:

     CD Rom "The Stowaway"
     Various texts related to ship design and construction
     Local boatbuilders
     Naval architects

  Curriculum Connections/Outcomes

 Students will collect and analyse data on the Matthew and other sailing vessels, make
   comparisons and communicate results through production of tables, graphs, sketches and
   written accounts.

 Students will become familiar with various technical terms related to ship construction and
   design, with particular emphasis on the Matthew.

 Students will have an increased awareness of John Cabot's voyage of discovery,
   understanding the conditions under which the sailors made the voyage.

 Students will develop basic skills related to the use of the Internet including use of e-mail,
   creation of Web pages and the use of search engines.

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