Project 3: Career Exploration Project

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Wayne Lodge
Grade Level:Level III
Number of Students:52
Project Start and Finish Dates:Feburary - May, 1997

  Project Overview

The intended purpose of the project is basically twofold: one, utilize the internet service to enhance the Career Education curriculum, and two, familiarize students with internet use as a life long learning tool.

Access to the internet will provide students with the most current career information provided by Human Resourse Development. Students will be exposed to such programs as Career Prospects and will complete both an interest inventory and an aptitude test relating to career exploration. As well, on the provincial level, students will search post-secondary schools and programs offered by educational institutions in the province. To further expand upon the students knowledge they will learn how to access post secondary institutions all across the country.

The Internet will give Career Education a whole new emphasis. Instruction and learning will be taken beyond the parameters of the school and extended to the limits of our imaginations. Students will view careers as really a limitless and continuous journey through life.

  Curriculum Connections

Career Education and other aspects of the curriculum will be greatly impacted upon via the internet.

      Career exploration & awareness will be enhanced.
      Self awareness activities will heighten one's perception of who they are.
      Familiarity with a post secondary offerings nation wide will be broadened.

The school is now making a concerted effort to integrate curriculum matters with the World Wide Web. This is considered a must if we are to expand upon students learning opportunities.

The learning outcomes of the project are tied in closely with that of the Provincial Department of Education. The career exploration, self awareness and post secondary offerings sections are all deemed important by the department.

  Resource Connections

Connections with various web sites has its obvious advantages. Two of the more obvious is the quality and quantity of information available. The connection allows the student to access material that would otherwise be unavailable.

As with any project or unit of work a variety of Resourses and teacher methodology is employed. This project is further supplemented with the aid of invited guest, paper and internet research, group type activities, etc.


Most of the evaluation is of the qualitative nature:

The student will demonstrate...

      The skill to enter www addresses
      Ability to browse for universities & colleges across the country by name
      The proficient use of provincial post secondary offerings via the internet
      That he/she has benefited from federal interest/aptitude tests

Generally this project, and others at the school, can be evaluated using a number of criteria. It is the opinion of the writer that student use of the internet during leisure time for educational matters is certainly a valid and reliable measure of success. Currently students are using the internet for educational purposes during and after class hours.

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