Project 2: Linking North America - A Project On-Line

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Intended Learning Outcomes

  General Information

Lead Teacher:Brian Wells

Kim Harris

Roxanne Rideout

Grade Level:Grade 7 Students
Number of Students:27-82 Students
Project Start and Finish Dates:February 1, `97 - April 30, `97

  Project Overview

The teachers involved in this project will be Brian Wells, Kim Harris and Roxanne Rideout and possibly Gillis Park and Lynn Baker of Discovery Collegiate, Bonavista.

The project is for grade seven students and, depending on the response from continent-wide, the number of students ranges from 27 to 82. The project will take approximately three months. It will start the first week of February and end the last week of April.

To complete this project we will link each student on the project with two students elsewhere in North America. These students will use E-mail to exchange information. Concerning school demographics, local happenings, weather and climate, local statistics and local historical, geographical and civic information. The students will collect data and statistics to make into graphs and compose articles. This will result in students getting a clearer understanding of the North American continent.

Linking North America Project will address the grade seven curriculum primarily in three areas:

  1. Math
  2. Language
  3. Social Studies

It will be in line with our schools aim to become technologically aware and to use our resources to their fullest extent.

  Intended Learning Outcomes

  1. To send and receive data.
  2. To use appropriate terminology to send and receive data.
  3. To collect statistics (A Provincial ILO).
  4. To use data to make graphs (A Provincial ILO).
  5. To translate dates (A Provincial ILO).
  6. To relate fractions concretely.
  7. To make fractions into percents (A Provincial ILO).
  8. To make percents into fractions (A Provincial ILO).
  9. To use acceptable form to write letters.
  10. To write descriptively.
  11. To write an opinion.
  12. To write factually (report).
  13. To write using correct sentence structure.
  14. To write using correct punctuation and grammar.
  15. To recognize the different climates in North America.
  16. To recognize the different cultures in North America.
  17. To define weather and apply the definition to North American.
  18. To see ourselves as a small part of large pie.
  19. To recognize some of our differences to the rest of North America.
  20. To recognize some of our similarities to the rest of North America.
  21. To find places using longitude and latitude.
  22. To know some historical facts about North America.
  23. To know some geographical facts about North America.

The Stellar school connection will enable us to do this project because of the cost involved. To do the project we need many sites all over North America which will be expensive.

We will be using a newspaper program, desktop publishing, www and a digital camera as additional resources.

The project will be evaluated through projects, portfolios, tests and assignments since most of the ILO's are from the texts or the Provincial ILO's.

Allow us to complete this project because it will offset the prohibitive cost involved in reaching the many sites throughout North America.

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