Project 3: Comprehensive Health Program

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Cheryl Russell, Math/Health Teacher
School:Clarenville Integrated Primary School
P.O. Box 1237
Clarenville, Newfoundland
A0E 1J0
Grade Level:Grade 4 Health
Number of Students:24
Project Start and Finish Dates:May 1-30, 1996

  Project Overview

A major focus of the Grade Four health curriculum, Towards a Comprehensive School Health Program, is on physical growth and development which promotes an understanding of the various body systems, their relationships to one another and their overall contribution to health.

As a necessary prerequisite to self understanding and responsibility for health, it is essential that students access information that is current, complete, accurate and explicit with respect to the way a young person's body develops and performs.

It is proposed, through this project, that Grade Four students will learn to use the Internet as one of the chief sources of obtaining required information.

  Curriculum Connections


Specifically, through this project, Grade Four students will locate and utilize information related to physical growth and development in the following areas:

     The major internal body organs such as: heart, lungs, stomach, uterus, kidneys and
     The major parts of the digestive, urinary and reproductive systems;
     The concept of body systems;
     Growth rate and puberty.

  Resource Connections

The STEM~Net Stellar Schools program is essential to completing this project as described. It is only through this incentive that a class of students will be able to simultaneously access the Internet under direct teacher supervision.


This project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

     Students will acquire a body of knowledge relating to physical growth and
       development that will lead to sound decision-making regarding health and well-bei ng;

     Students will gain experience and confidence in using the Internet to access and select
       appropriate health information;

     Students will begin to view the use of technology as an essential tool in developing
       communication and problem-solving strategies.

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