Project 2: Celebrating Multiculturalism, Newfoundland and Norway

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  General Information

Lead Teachers: David Abbott - Social Studies Teacher

Rowena Avery - E.S.L. Teacher

School: Clarenville Primary School
P.O. Box 1237
Clarenville, NF
A0E 1J0
Grade Level: Grade 4
Number of Students: 26
Project Start and Finish Dates: February/97 - March/97

  Project Overview

Students in the Grade four social studies program are studying "Communities Around Our World." They are learning about many cultures and cultural differences. We propose to integrate both Language Arts and Social Studies through a pen-pal project with students of other countries, starting in Norway. Students will be assigned E-mail addresses of students from cooperating school in Norway. Along with reinforcing literacy skills, children will be sharing cultural information, highlighting our differences, and more importantly our similarities.

  Curriculum Connections

Social Studies

The goals of the grade four social studies program are to help students develop an understanding of:

  • The place or physical environment, where the people live, and how it affects the culture.
  • How people live in a place and meet their needs.
  • How people live together, their interaction on all levels.
These three criteria are examined through one or all of the following; religion, economics, politics, technology and events affecting a culture.

Language Arts

This project satisfies the general goals set out in the language arts program, more specifically,

  • Allows a hands-on approach to the use of technology as a tool to enhance the writing process.

  Technology Education

Students at this level, according to "A Curriculum Framework for Technology Education" will:

  • Use the Internet as a tool to communicate appropriate information, in the form of electronic mail.
  • Develop the ability to access information electronically.
  • Develop keyboard skills using a variety of appropriate programs.
  • Develop an understanding of technology and its implications.

  Resource Connections

Access to the STEM~Net STELLAR schools program is crucial to the aims of our project: a hands-on approach to access the writing process and share cultural connections efficiently and in a very motivating way.


  • Students will learn about the Norwegian culture.
  • Students will become familiar with using the Internet to accomplish the stated goals.
  • Students will become familiar with today's, and tomorrow's, technology.

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