Project 1: Canada Goose Sanctuary

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Linda Thistle
School:Clarenville Integrated Primary School
P.O. Box 1237
Clarenville, Newfoundland
A0E 1J0
Grade Level:Grade 2
Number of Students:21
Project Start and Finish Dates:Sept'96-June'97

  Project Overview

The implementation of computer-assisted learning provides activities that stimulate individual thought, decision making, problem solving, critical thinking etc.. The system generates through its format, immediate feedback to the student. The curriculum in relation to the technologically enriched curriculum provides as environment which promotes active learning. Collaboratively, students share the responsibility for how and what they learn both individually and in groups.

  Curriculum Connections

Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Overall Curriculum Plans:

  1. Will provide an opportunity for primary students to use some of the multimedia production hardware and software to produce course material for the Language Arts curriculum.
  2. Will provide suitable enrichment learning activities for young primary students.
  3. To create and estimate an interest towards technology.
  4. To integrate the migration of the Canada Geese in relationship to the theme "Animals in Winter" Grade 2 Language Arts "Weave A Dream" curriculum.

Intended learning outcomes: the HRD project will also be beneficial to the educational system of Nfld. and Labrador. The project will be designed according to "Learning to Learn" resource-based learning policy. The activities will be related to the Math., Science, Language Arts and Social Studies provincial curriculum guidelines.

The project will:

  1. Provide a format for reviewing multimedia teaching skills.
  2. Promote an awareness of computer-assisted instructions in the school.
  3. promote the benefits of networking through STEM~Net.

Intended learning outcomes for Tech. Education:

  1. Communications:

  2.       Identify ways in which people, including themselves are affected by tech. change.
          Use communication tools for a variety of purposes.

  3. Control:

  4.       Identify careers in control technology and related fields.

  5. Production:

  6.       Use technology problem solving as a means of making connections between
         knowledge and skills learned in other curriculum areas.

  7. Energy and Power:

  8.       Identify ways in which energy and power technologies are used in modern society.

  9. Biotechnology:

  10.       Identify ways in which biotechnology is used to create products.

  Resource Connections

STELLAR Schools Internet: to link young primary students to the Internet through STEM~Net.

All of these resources were brought into the school for this project:
9 pentium computers
1 desk top colour flatbed scanner
1 software overhead palette
1 digital camera


Learning Outcomes:

Measure such factors as: attendance rates, student expectations, pupil/teacher ratios, preparation and instructional time. The outcome domains will focus on student participation, attainment and student academic achievement.

General Impact: This project stresses the importance of the integration of computers and computer-related technologies into the curriculum and school in general.

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