Project 1: Climatic Analysis of North America

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Christopher Mills
Grade Level:Grade 7
Number of Students:24
Project Start and Finish Dates:Dec'96-June'97

  Project Overview

One of the goals of the grade 7 social studies program is to exposed students to the many facets of North America. Probably the most interesting and dynamic aspect of any continent would be its climatic patterns and there effect upon the people living there. It is this very feature that this project will focus upon.

In order to develop in students a greater appreciation of the dynamic nature of North America's climate, and its various effects upon the people living in North America, students will be ask to go "on line" to gather first hand information about our climate. This data will be collected over a 5 months period for various areas of North America. Once this data is complete students will be asked to write a climatic analysis of their findings.

Furthermore, to help students gain a better appreciation of the effects of climate upon peoples lives, students will collaborate with another grade 7 class in Rankin Inlet, North West Territories.


  1. Students will learn how to collect scientific data in a real world setting.
  2. Students will learn how to interpret their results.
  3. Students will gain a greater appreciation of how climatic changes affect everyday North Americans.
  4. Students will learn how to publish and share their data using their world wide web.
  5. Students will gain a greater appreciation of how climate affects other cultures (Rankin Inlet).

  Resource Connections

  1. Internet connection. Provided by Cable Atlantic and STEM~NET.
  2. Internet server to place WWW pages on. This can be provided on the school's server or STEM~NET.
  3. Computer system capable of running WWW software. This will be provided by Clarenville Middle School.
  4. Social studies text and other related materials.

  Curriculum Connections

This project will meet course objectives in the following areas:

  1. Social Studies - Weather/Climographs studies
  2. Math - graphing skills
  3. Science - data collecting and analysis
  4. Language Arts - Presentations and communication of results


     Our students will link with another grade 7 class to collaborate on their findings.
     Development of good presentation and communication skills.
     Development of good graphing skills.
     Development of good research/searching techniques.
     Appreciation for the effects of climatic patterns upon peoples lives, including leisure,
       work, and culture development.

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